Using a M. Vrac spice bottle lid to replace a missing Hario Mizudashi filter lid

My Hario Mizudashi pot, for making cold brew coffee, was one of the hits of midsummer heatwaves past.

Alas, in my drive to rationalize and organize the kitchen over the last 18 months, I managed to throw away the lid for its filter basket.

I discovered this when I poured a bucket of freshly ground coffee into the (lidless) filter basket only to have the coffee pass through the basket and into the sink below. What with the absence of the lid and all.

Hario does sell replacement filter baskets, but they appear to be out of stock globally. While I could acquire a brand new pot for about $30, that seemed an egregious waste of a perfectly good pot (in all other ways).

On a lark I tried fitting the lid of a spice jar from M. Vrac onto the filter basket.

And it fit.

Like a glove.

So I have a pot of cold brew icily cultivating in the fridge now, the satisfaction of performing a hack that would greatly please my late father, saved myself $30, and kept a beautiful object out of the landfill.


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Sophie on October 26, 2023 - 17:54 Permalink

Thanks for putting this in writing - I went to make cold brew and found myself in the same predicament and happened to have a jar lid that fits perfectly. Reducing landfill one recycled jar at a time 😅