Using Her Marbles in The Guardian

Jim Day’s piece on Using Her Marbles, Charlottetown man hopes his book helps people along difficult journey, ran in today’s Guardian.

I replenished my stock of the book over the holidays, and you can again get a copy directly from me or from The Bookmark.

It’s fitting that Jim wrote the article, as an earlier Guardian piece of his, about Catherine, is reprinted in the book; Jim retired this week and this may well have been his final story to appear in the paper.


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PH on January 7, 2021 - 21:27 Permalink


I just finished your book. A paragraph cannot begin to express what a wonderful gift this book is to the world. I laughed out loud, I smiled, a choked up and teared up, and many things in between. There are so many wonderful themes that weave in and out of your book. It is an inspiration in so many ways. Your grasp of the medical side of journey alongside cancer is startling (coming from a physician). I hope many people read this book, in particular those facing their own cancer journey. Catherine comes to life and lights up the room once again. Thank You!