Using Flickr to Annotate Handwritten Notes

On the second day of reboot 7.0, I left my laptop at the hotel and took notes in my Moleskin notebook instead.

After being turned on to Flickr by Ben (yes, I know I should have paid attention earlier; it was just the whole “my photos on someone else’s server” thing that hung me up), and then seeing Olle’s demo of photo annotations, it dawned on me that I could scan my notes, upload to Flickr and annotate them with web links and additional explanatory text.

This Flickr set is the result. Click on any of the images, then “mouse over” the black annotation boxes to see the notes, and click on any hyperlinks you see in the notes to jump onwards.

I’m not sure that this is a sustainable habit: the scanning, cropping, uploading and annotating took a lot longer than simple transcription would have taken. But I do like having the original document visible, squiggles and all, for reference.