Update from the Road

No, I wasn’t consumed by The Ghost of Robb Sagendorph; I’m still alive and thriving. It’s been a good, and very productive, week here at Yankee and I’m about to pack up and drive down to Boston. I’m in Boston for the night, and then back to PEI tomorrow morning.

The rest of this week, and over the weekend, I’ll be focusing on Elections PEI-related work and then, after polling day on Monday and the results posting on Monday night, I’m off to Montreal for the day on Tuesday, and then to Copenhagen, via Zurich, on Tuesday for reboot, which starts Thursday.

I’ll be back on the Island on June 7, after a brief stopover in Berlin to see my friends at Plazes. Oliver “graduates” from kindergarten the week after that, and then he and Catherine are off to Ontario for a couple of weeks. The last week of June I’ll be back here at Yankee.

Be careful what you wish for, they say. I wished for constant motion, and it’s happening. It will be nice to stop for a moment come July and spend languid afternoons on Victoria Row sipping sangria and discussing Descartes.