The Ultimate Act of Volition

Steven Garrity and Jennifer McQuaid are getting married today. Steven posted a well-worded description of why on his Acts of Volition blog earlier in the week, perhaps his first post that comes close to being “on topic” as regards the blog’s name:

  • The act or an instance of making a conscious choice or decision.
  • A conscious choice or decision.
  • The power or faculty of choosing; the will.

As fate would have it, I’ve been stricken with a case of strep throat and so as to avoid infecting the wedding party, and thus indirectly most of the western world, I’ll be in the Parkdale after-hours clinic as Steven and Jennifer say their vows. I wish them all the best at the start of their Great Adventure.


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Peter Rukavina on July 23, 2005 - 00:56 Permalink

Reports from my woman on the ground are that Steven has a big smile on his face post-marriage.

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Steven Garrity on July 23, 2005 - 18:31 Permalink

Jenn and I were sorry that you and Johnny couldn’t make it. We were glad to see the lady friends came along though.

The wedding was pretty much perfect and ended up being exactly what we wanted, which is extraordinary, given that we didn’t even know what we really wanted.

So, sorry you couldn’t make it (I can lend you the DVD) — and thanks for keeping your strep-throat at home — I wouldn’t want to take it to Europe with me and cause an international incident.