Two Short Travel Notes

A couple of notes of specific interest to Charlottetown travelers:

  • Coop Taxi has taken over the Charlottetown Airport franchise from Yellow Taxi. They’ve both lowered the fare (down to $10 from $13 from downtown) and commited to more reliable service (a minimum of four cars on site for every flight, for example). This is good news for anyone who likes supporting worker coops, and also for those who were tired of waiting for Yellow’s cabs to show up.
  • The teller at Metro Credit Union told me today that the fee for using ATM machines outside of North America to withdraw money from my Metro account has gone up to $4.00, which gets piled on top of any fee the ATM itself charges. On a $100.00 withdrawl, that’s a 4% surcharge. Got to remember to take out more money less often.