The Twin City Bubble

As near as I can tell, Charlottetown is twinned with three other places: Shediac, NB, Forest City, NC and Ashibetsu, Japan.

With the revivified Atlantic Bubble set to be announced today, I thought I might sneak in and suggest an alternative: let’s everyone bubble with their twins.

I mean, Shediac, what were they thinking?!

But I for one would welcome the chance to jet across the Pacific to see the Hokkaido Kannon and the ruins of the fake Green Gables.

And Forest City: it’s a city in a forest. Imagine spending late April hanging out with the Na’vi, catapulting out for coffee every morning on the zip line, enjoying the warm, mud-free spring.

Sounds better than the Irving in Truro, am I right?

I may be too late to sway Atlantic Premiers on this issue, but perhaps, regardless, it’s time to reconsider our twins? Paris anyone?


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vbj on March 19, 2021 - 14:15 Permalink

I'm in favor of twinning Burlington, Vermont, with Charlottetown. Where do I lobby?