Twenty Movies

In July, Oliver and I inaugurated “Saturday Movie Night” at 100 Prince Street. We alternate movie picks each week. Except that choosing is Oliver’s Kryptonite, so on his choosing-week he provides me with guidelines and I do the actual choosing. I’m also subject to guidelines during my week, although the adherence is allowed to be slightly less rigorous.

Up until October there was an overarching requirement that I pick a movie made during Oliver’s teenage years on his week, and a movie made during my teenage tears for mine.

More recently the guidelines have been more thematic: “Hawaii” (From Here to Eternity), U.S. politics (Bulworth). The best thing about living under this regime is that as long as I meet the guidelines, it’s free reign (admittedly The Goodbye Girl is not strictly, or really at all, a Hanukkah movie, but Richard Dreyfus was raised Jewish, and I just love that film).

Along the way we’ve watched some important movies in the Warren Beatty canon, some classic movies, and some remarkably racist movies made in my teenage years.

I’m particularly proud of myself for finding matches for the weeks when the themes were “Google’s Anniversary” and “The Mexican Revolution.”

Oliver has scheduled a Movie Marathon for us for the holidays; I will put my training to good use.

Here are the 20 Saturday picks we’ve watched so far:

  • 2020-07-18: Yesterday
  • 2020-08-01: Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • 2020-08-08: The In-Laws
  • 2020-08-15: Carrie Pilby
  • 2020-08-22: Volunteers
  • 2020-08-29: The Best Offer
  • 2020-09-05: Peggy Sue Got Married
  • 2020-09-12: A Star is Born (2018)
  • 2020-09-19: Heaven Can Wait
  • 2020-09-26: The Intern
  • 2020-10-03: The Constant Gardener
  • 2020-10-10: The Big Chill
  • 2020-10-17: Okja
  • 2020-10-24: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
  • 2020-10-31: Bulworth
  • 2020-11-07: The Wipers Times
  • 2020-11-14: Starting Pancho Villa as Himself
  • 2020-11-21: Dan in Real Life
  • 2020-11-29: From Here to Eternity
  • 2020-12-12: The Goodbye Girl

Although I’m a spendthrift in almost all regards, I have allowed us the luxury of renting movies digitally once a week: we’re very close to being able to find any movie ever made these days, online, between Disney+, Apple TV, YouTube and Netflix. 


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vbj on December 13, 2020 - 10:24 Permalink

Thanks for sharing your list. We recently enjoyed Enola Holmes on Netflix...

Oliver FS's picture
Oliver FS on April 22, 2021 - 02:06 Permalink

I'd have had to recommend The Wipers Times to you, if I hadn't vaguely remembered (and now confirmed you'd seen it) -- mainly just for the reverential spotlight it puts on manual printing

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Oliver FS on April 23, 2021 - 06:06 Permalink

Incidentally, Re: The Wipers Times, I suspect it's inaccurate about German soldiers singing the "Hymn of Hate" in the trenches, since nearly all of this seemingly scholarly blog post discusses it as a poem, and mentions singing only of an English translation in the UK