Turn Off the Radio

Pablo Martínez, of NRMAL, on starting your own festival:

You do have a calm, almost zen demeanor. Do you maintain this calm during the festival or do you ever melt down?

No, not during the festival. For example during the festival, I don’t use a radio. Normally people who are producing festivals, they are using a radio and what I do is I just walk around the festival and try to solve problems on my own and try to enjoy all the bands I can. I try to keep it chill. Normally it works.

Does this tie in with your decision not to use social media?

Well, I remember, early on, trying to use a radio, I couldn’t focus on important things. I was just hearing whatever was happening around other areas of the festival. So I decided not to use the radio and just focus on the things I could solve with my own hands. Maybe it’s a thing about focus.