Turmoil in the world of children

CBC Radio is reporting that Santa’s Woods in North Rustico burned down this weekend.

This, on top of the ongoing shifts at Blue’s Clues must make it particularly hard to be a child this week.

Santa’s life in turmoil, Steve off to college and replaced by his seedy looking brother Joe… what’s a kid to think?

For those of you confused by the big “Steve out, Joe in” movements at Blue’s Clue’s, here’s some helpful information from the official FAQ:

Why does Joe wear a different outfit than Steve did?
Blue’s Clues with Joe will be both the same and different as it was with Steve. Blue’s Clues will maintain the same structure and game play but will incorporate many new songs, educational concepts, and locations. One of the things that’s changing is Joe’s clothes. While Steve had a multitude of identical shirts, pants, and shoes, Joe wears shirts in multiple colors to reflect his whimsical nature.
And they said that after September 11 whimsy was dead!


Alan's picture
Alan on September 17, 2002 - 14:20 Permalink

I bought “Meet Joe” video for the kids the other day and I had no idea what a mind altering market-speak propaganda speak deal I was into. Fortunately, the kids lost interest in 3 minutes and went back to throwing blocks at each other to a chorus of “stop throwing blocks at each other”. So what is steve doing at university. Are we to expect the video “Steve’s Frosh Week” rated PG?!? What is it all coming to???

stephen's picture
stephen on September 17, 2002 - 22:05 Permalink

Some kids shows suck from the beginning (Barney), some kids shows never suck (Sesame Street), some kids shows don’t suck and then they start sucking (Veggies tales didn’t suck, 321 Penguins does). Some are born to suckiness, some achieve suckiness and some have suckiness thrust upon them. Steve didn’t suck. Joe sucks.

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Dan on September 18, 2002 - 14:58 Permalink

I heard on the Radio that Steve was actually recording an “alternative” rock album that was “not for kids”.