The Tristan

Back at the dawn of Receiver Coffee, when Sean was still working the coffee machine, he developed The Sean for me, a refreshing coffee-over-ice beverage.

Then Sean moved into upper management, and The Sean was only available on those rare occasions he emerged from the basement or the roastery.

Fortunately, young Tristan Gray stepped into the void and came up with The Tristan, his own take on the genre. Over the last year he’s refined it to the point of excellence.

Alas now, after today, The Tristan too will be retired into the Receiver Hall of Fame, as Tristan moves out from behind the counter and into a new job at DME.

Tristan, and The Tristan, will be missed: I came in this afternoon for one last; I’m happy to say that it reached its zenith, a perfect blend of ice, milk and coffee.

Addio mio ottimo barista.