Tree-based Businesses

At the corner of Grafton and University Streets in downtown Charlottetown, in front of Province House there is a tree with its own phone line.

The Phone Tree

I first noticed this last summer: about halfway up the tree there is an Island Tel box similar to the one on the side of my house. There’s a Big Black Cable running out the top of the box that disappears into the sky, and a regular old beige 4-conductor wire running out the bottom and down the tree.

The Phone Tree

As regular readers will know, I have been, from time to time, mildly critical of Island Tel. On this occasion, however, it would appear as though they are living up to their rhetoric:

Your business has special needs. At Island Tel we understand that you need to grow while keeping costs down, and be accessible to customers without having a large office.
The company’s efforts to be inclusive of small animals and other tree-based businesses is commendable.