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I just sat down and reviewed my travel schedule for the next two weeks — a week in New Hampshire with our colleagues at Yankee Publishing followed by a week in Copenhagen for TH!NK2 — and realized that next weekend I’m flying from Toronto to Charlottetown on Friday afternoon and then, 18 hours later, flying back to Toronto, en route to Copenhagen via Frankfurt.

The ironic of this becomes somewhat more rollicking when you factor in that I’m going to Copenhagen to write about climate change.

And yet, rather than doing the sensible thing and staying overnight in Toronto, I’m going to follow through on my plans, simply to be able to spent 18 hours with Oliver and Catherine.

Family trumps planet.

It doesn’t make sense. Or it does.


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Chris Corrigan on September 11, 2009 - 16:30 Permalink

I’ve done the same before…on long trips if I can find a way to get home — which for me entails crawling through Vancouver and taking a water taxi or a ferry to Bowen and which is impossible after a certain hour — I sometimes will, if only for a morning. I’m not proud about the amount of carbon I contribute, and we are looking at buying offsets, but I have faced this same question.

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Morgan Roderick on September 11, 2009 - 17:15 Permalink

Sooo close to Berlin, and yet soo far.

Maybe next time.

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Peter Rukavina on September 11, 2009 - 18:55 Permalink

Morgan, you might see me in Berlin yet.&#160 I’ve two or three days free toward the end of the week after next, and might decide to destroy even more of the earth by coming down for a visit.

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Richard on September 12, 2009 - 15:48 Permalink


This is completely off topic, but have you thought about covering the PEI cricket association? The Town of Stratford has just invested in a new cricket pitch at Tea Hill Park, and last weekend saw the opening ceremonies, featuring the LG, who played the first ball, and various local, regional and federal dignitaries. This was followed by a 2-day tournament between Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI.

The Guardian missed this story—despite receiving a press release and reminders. It doesn’t seem interested in the activities of “non traditional” Islanders.