The Hollywood community space Junior High is transparent about its finances. For example:

rent / landestine, llc: $2500.00

electricity / los angeles department of water and power: ranging from $60-$150

internet / time warner cable: $79.99

toiletries and cleaning supplies: ~$25

restock on merchandise: ~$500

retail supplies: ~$50

paypal and paypal here for retail sales and additional banking. paypal is a business we do not support ethically, but are having trouble finding another company with similar ease and accessibility that does not subscribe to shitty ethical practices.

I’ve been thinking a lot about government and transparency; I’d like to see a similar human-readable ticker tape from the provincial government, for example, summarizing expenses and revenue every day.

We spent $32,000 on road salt and $79,000 on CT scans today, and took in $46,000 in HST revenue.