Traffic Wildness

Those of you in the readership who have had cause to click on the Statistics link to the left may be wondering about the source of the freakish traffic increase in mid-November.

This “traffic” was actually almost entirely from a set of six IP addresses (all starting with 216.144.230.) in California controlled by a company ironically called EWAN. From the appearance of the traffic logs, it looks like either some person or robot thought that our server was an open proxy server (it wasn’t, and isn’t), and so they hit us with an HTTP request every second or two for a sustained period of time.

After fruitless attempts to contact this company about the traffic, I finally just cut off the offending IPs from access to the machine at all, which made the traffic go away, eventually.

So, in the end, I wasn’t suddenly uber-popular, except in an annoying computerish way.