Toyota Yaris Verso

Back in 2003 we rented a Toyota Yaris in Spain. A year later, the Yaris became the Echo Hatchback in North America, and Steven Garrity bought one. Now comes the Yaris Verso, a European version of the Yaris/Echo that takes the front of Steven’s car and the back of a small minivan and conjoins them.

We saw a Yaris Verso on the highway in France. Web photos can’t do justice to how “miniature” it is in real life. Quite delightful really.

All of France was a smorgasbord of wonderful minature cars. We saw perhaps two or three full-size North American-style vehicles over our month there: a couple of Chrysler minivans, a Porsche Cayenne or two, and a couple of Mercedes. Everything else was as small as a VW New Beetle. Or smaller.

Steven, alas, has given up the Echo Hatchback now for what appears to be a 1983 Buick Skylark. If he would only slap the back of a VW Vanagon on it, he could be cool once more.


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Steven Garrity on May 19, 2005 - 15:35 Permalink

Buick Skylark? Surely you’re refering to my sweet Supercycle?