Toll Free Number

If you’re like me and you run your own telephone answering system, you probably find that when you travel you end up calling in with a calling card a lot to check your messages.

There’s a service charge added to every calling card call you make, and they can add up if you’re calling in a lot.

It turns out that if you get yourself a toll-free number, you don’t pay the surcharge, and the long distance rates are the same.  And there’s no cost (at least from Island Tel) to install the toll-free number, and no monthly charge for it either.

I’m on hold right now signing up for mine.


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Dico on March 21, 2002 - 02:17 Permalink

Tremendous Peter. You can then sign up for Primus long distance… and instead of paying the Island prices of 15c per minute and upwards, you can pay the lower Primus rates.

The only problem you’ll find is that you may actually get assigned a previously owned toll free number, which happed to me a couple years ago. This results, in my case, in people constantly (once per month) calling looking for tires. These calls usually originating from Georgia.

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Peter Rukavina on March 21, 2002 - 02:17 Permalink

Dico, did you sell them any tires?