Today at PlazeCamp

I’ve posted a wrap-up of today’s frenzy of activity at PlazeCamp. I’m exhausted, and yet hopped up on many bottles of some odd-tasting carbonated tea beverage that Tilmann got me hooked on. Which is why I’m still blogging at 1:22 a.m. Today was lots of fun, with a great group of people and some interesting hacking; I’m glad I made it over.

Tomorrow I’ve going to take it easy, try to find a plaze to do some laundry, and then perhaps join some fellow Plazmonauts at Vom Funken zum Pixeln in the afternoon.


Dave Mainwaring's picture
Dave Mainwaring on January 13, 2008 - 16:12 Permalink

Nice looking blog!

Interesting “Where I’ve been and Where I’ll be” calendar.

Dave Mainwaring
Framingham, MA USA…

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Marian on January 14, 2008 - 15:35 Permalink

Are you trying to tell me something? I keep getting l-o-u-s-e as a turing test question.

I’m hoping I can convince some of you to vote for me in the Canadian Blog Awards. I’ve been nominated for ‘Best Local Blog’. It’s one vote per round and the voting for round one ends January 21st. Other details (and the link) are on my blog.