The Tiny Wide Web

For all the “CSS is great because it splits off form from content” talk from the web intelligensia, from here in the Formosa Tea House, where my window on the web is my tiny-screened Zaurus, the everything is still pretty chaotic. There’s a lot of “could be” in the promises of the multi-style web, and if my experience is any guide, not a lot of “is.”

I did manage to get a Google map on my phone yesterday and it was even kind of useful. But even on the relatively bigger Zaurus screen it’s obvious that few designers (myself included) have given any thought at all to people surfing with tiny screens. Or with no screens at all.

That’s why I’m sitting here tapping this post out on a tiny keyboard: until you’ve had the tinyweb inflicted on you, it’s hard to pay it any heed.

If you want to see how ugly your website looks here in the tinyosphere, drop me a line and I’ll post a screen shot.


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Oliver on October 18, 2005 - 20:39 Permalink

Writing from My PDA …
Some sites have a stripped down PDA alternate that you get shunted to (e.g. www. m .I guess they sense the Palm and Pocket pc OS .Maybe they can’t tell a Zaurus when one visits ?