A Tiny Plazer

While my Nokia N95 has a capable web browser, it’s screen is small enough that using the regular Plazes website to update my geopresence is cumbersome. And so I’ve created TinyPlazer.com:

Tiny Plazer Screen Shot Tiny Plazer Screen Shot Tiny Plazer Screen Shot

The first time you visit the site, you enter you Plazes username and password; these are then saved in a cookie, and you don’t have to enter them again. From then on you simply type the name of a Plaze (or part of the name) and your status message. If the Plaze name you enter matches only one location then your presence is updated automatically; if it matches more than one, then you’re shown a list of matching Plazes and can select one.

I’ve created a Plazes Group for TinyPlazer adherents.