Timothy’s Gets the World

Coming in to Timothy’s this morning for a chai latte (Steven says I shouldn’t admit sort of thing that out loud), I was surprised to find small globes on every table. According to my server, this is a bold Campbell Webster Initiative. Bravo, I say: I love globes (as does Oliver, although mostly he just wants to see where Charlottetown is), and I think they should be ubiquitous.


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Cyn on July 4, 2004 - 16:46 Permalink

As cool and appropriate as it seems for Timothy’s ‘World’ Coffee to be sporting little baby globes on each table, it is, in fact, a Hugene Sauve/Landmark Cafe initiative, as Campbell explained to me yesterday.
Gotta like those dollarstore/made by underpaid communist children buys.
FYI- those globes are pencil sharpeners too!

What I like at Timothy’s these days is the new
outdoor patio.