Tim Hortons Responds

Regular readers will recall that I mentioned my surprise that a Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich contains 23 g of fat.  I had been in the habit of ordering this sandwich as a “healthy alternative” without thinking about it (doesn’t garden vegetable sound healthly?).  I sent an email to Tim Hortons, and this is what they wrote me back:

Dear Mr. Rukavina,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns with the Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich.

Tim Hortons has created a Nutrition Guide featuring a cross section of our products.  As you have recently viewed this guide electronically on our website, we hope that you have found the nutritional information useful in helping incorporate Tim Hortons products into your lifestyle.

The Garden Vegetable Sandwich is not advertised as a “healthy alternative” sandwich.  It is prepared with Plain Cream Cheese, Tim Hortons Special Dressing, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce.  The total fat content of this sandwich is 23 grams.  The areas of the sandwich in which the fat are located is as follows:

    Plain Cream Cheese, 13.0 grams
    Tims Special Dressing, 9.0 grams
    White Country Bun, 0.5 grams

To lower the total fat of this sandwich, request a sandwich with a Light Cream Cheese and no Tims Special Dressing.

Yours truly,
Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator
Research & Development

That (a) Tim Hortons would respond at all, (b) they would take my request seriously, and (c) that they have a Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator are all very heartening things.  Kudos to Tim’s for excellent service.


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Julia on April 12, 2012 - 01:56 Permalink

Its actually part of their training not to touch the credit/debit cards or Tim cards as part of “fast service” and so the customer knows they’re not trying to rip them off by swiping a fixed machine under the counter and saving pin numbers. If its so easy to stick in the card and press okay because theres no pin associated with it, just do it yourself when they hand you the machine.

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bruce on April 12, 2012 - 20:39 Permalink

the link is for a site advertising other sites for franchises…not a discussion page at all…thanks for nothing!

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pei on April 13, 2012 - 23:26 Permalink

im 16 and i have been working fulltime and going to school full time as well. and i also work at another job. i work evenings at tim hortons during the week and on weekends i either have a 6am-3pm shift or a 9:30pm-6:30 am shift. if i can manage this with school and another job, so can people older than me, you just have to love your job. it’ll be 2 years this summer for me :D

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Radley on April 19, 2012 - 14:01 Permalink

hahahahahahhahahaha BEST READ EVER!

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Tony Strowbridge on May 6, 2012 - 02:51 Permalink

This complaint is for the Tim Hortons located on main street in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.You have a manager there by the name of Stephanie….she’s a vial and rude woman, i feel as tho she’s trying to sabatoge this franchise,the coffe is rarely fresh and the environment there is like someone just died…i got a routine coffee…went outside to ask my 2 buddies if they wanted to grab some supper since were already at tim hortons…then the door swings open and she yelled at us and told us to stop hanging around when we were seconds away from .re-entering the building for supper.now this has to change or i’m going to the media and let them sort this place out.I’VE BEEN COMING HERE FOR YEARS,SPENDING AT LEAST 3 GRAND A YEAR HERE,AND NEVER HAVE I EVER BEEN TREATED WITH SUCH DISRESPECT…AND THAT’S WHO YOU HIRE AS A MANAGER…

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Ask the person to stir it with a straw or stick instead

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Corey Morans on June 27, 2012 - 14:51 Permalink

I would like to add a point from a customer’s point of view. I am very disappointed in the new or lost policy, regarding counting back change. You’d be hard pressed to find just a few Tim Horton’s employees whom will count your change back, or are even able to.

The over reliance on the POS (point of sale) systems is very discouraging. I can’t tell you how many times employees have given me the wrong change. That was less of a problem previously, when they told you how much you were receiving back rather than just plop your change in your hand.
I make it a habit telling employees how much I’m giving them, in hopes of receiving the same courtesy back. Fat chance.
I have filed an official complaint with Tim Horton’s in hopes of seeing changes. As it stands, I find it a very rude and sloppy policy.

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Ging on July 27, 2012 - 20:08 Permalink

I just want to know if you are allowed to work from one Tims to another, because I heard that it must be at least 6 months of not working in one of the Tims before they hired you by another store, any info about it?

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christina on August 28, 2012 - 13:26 Permalink

in live in nl, canada. icame across your comments by mastake, you heard of under cover boss, i think you should do it. good luck, andthank you.

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lee on August 30, 2012 - 20:54 Permalink

I am amazed at how any forums there are on regarding tim hortons. I been working for timmies for 11 months now and i had to sign a privacy agreement of no talking about the business or waht goes on online can get fired over it. I wonder if this applies only to my store

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Linda on October 28, 2012 - 01:31 Permalink

Many times we see cups that have been rolled up were I go

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John on February 24, 2013 - 05:11 Permalink

What, where is this.? Call the labour board, they can not do this, Tim’s needs a workers commitie or union. They are fucking slave drivers.

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John on February 24, 2013 - 05:29 Permalink

If you we’re fired for getting hurt you can sue them, plain and simple.

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rebecca on April 30, 2013 - 05:34 Permalink

Stfu u idiot like u said its slow at night so obviously there is never gonna be a “hot” pot of steeped tea, it doesn’t run out as fast like coffee smartass n don’t over exaggerate 5 min for 15
I used to work for shit Horton’s so I noe k
Dumb fuck
N on top of that all u fucken customers r waste
U want somebody sucking on ur dick ask ur mothers to do it not a Tim employee
Ur paying for cheap food its not a fucken 5 star restaurant.
As for u bitch go fuck ur self n ur bullshit
Thank u Jesus I don’t work for mother fuckers like u

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formerworker on June 6, 2013 - 23:53 Permalink

Used to work for timmies Scarborough location. Every single time someone behaved like animal in the drive through, or even the store front, I did something terrible to your drinks. I’ve worked at multiple places .. and if you think I’m the only one who thought of doing that, continue barking orders and saying vile things to the cashiers, and over all being insufferable little people. Managers, supervisors, cashiers; they all do it. Just as a heads up to your cranky, bi-polar sociopaths who regularly torment your local Tim’s.

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formerworker on June 6, 2013 - 23:55 Permalink

Used to work for timmies Scarborough location. Every single time someone behaved like animal in the drive through, or even the store front, I did something terrible to your drinks. I’ve worked at multiple places .. and if you think I’m the only one who thought of doing that, continue barking orders and saying vile things to the cashiers, and over all being insufferable little people. Managers, supervisors, cashiers; they all do it. Just as a heads up to your cranky, bi-polar sociopaths who regularly torment your local Tim’s.

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Mark on June 12, 2013 - 14:38 Permalink

You will get rude people at pretty much any place. I hear employees swearing at all kinds of stores. Unless you speak with the manager when it happens, it will continue. The problem is that few people speak up.

Tim Horton’s is a great place for young people to pay their way through university. I have 2 family members who have done that. 100% of their university tuition from working at Tims. And it is only possible because they are paid minimum wage. If they raise the minimum, Tim Horton’s would have to cut back on staff, and many students would lose their jobs and not be able to go to university. So thank you Tims for helping so many students get an advanced education.

The people who complain about the Minimum Wage don’t think about the students. The minimum wage is the lowest pay you can offer to a student. It has no bearing on people with careers supporting families. It is never intended to affect them at all.

Thankfully the wage is low enough that many students will be able to attend universities.

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kirt on July 31, 2013 - 18:07 Permalink

Lol are u kidding me. I personally know a family that owns two stores. They have six properties, a motor home, they go on cruises to the Caribbean all the time, drive brand new 50,000 dollar trucks and generally do whatever they feel like doing. If that’s getting nothing in return where do i sign up?

Plus were are you getting your information, the stock is doing amazing and the average store is bringing in over 100k for profits for the company itself. Which I am positive the franchise owners are also stock holders for the company as well.

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Edward on September 26, 2013 - 18:15 Permalink

I used to work at 20159 88 Avenue Langley, BC V1M 0A4 until 4 months ago. The owners never want to put more hands at the peak hours and hell bent upon saving dollars. I tried my best to stay here but situation worsened day after after. The supervisor-lady treat the employees like slaves and rude and not a civilized lady. She is the reason for so many staff left. What is more irritating is every morning, atleast 2 or 3 dudes from the management come and observe what is going on. Yet they don’t want to provide help to the situation. The manager Shivani is nice person but she is limited with no help from the management. I recommend to who so ever want to apply here, reconsider your options. Not a place for to work.

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thinkaboutit on March 1, 2014 - 00:25 Permalink

Tim Horton’s has the best DARK ROAST COFFEE …AS FOR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES …Everyone has their bad days, and good days and their mood swings.
I think people should treat people with respect..
and a lot of people complaining should stop looking down their noses…at the ones that work at Tim Horton’s they don’t work for you for one ..they are serving you because chances are your too damn lazy to make something for yourself at home. They are not sitting back getting high or drinking or living on welfare they are earning a honest living, on their feet their whole shift unless on their breaks ….and if you do happen to see them standing around talking…they could very well be discussing what has to be done on their shift or what’s still left to do.
I used to be like everyone of you til I lost my job and with nothing in the area hiring I needed to work some where …To be honest with you, I never worked so hard in my lifetime. I have the upmost respect for counter clerks/ drive through operators ..your job isn’t easy and thank you a million times over for your friendly service…you have made me smile in my weakest moments …thanks you and thank you for always being there for us …unrespectable bunch

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I like it when they wipe the counter down with whatever cleaning solvent, put the lid down on it, then hand it to me with a smile. Bleach in the coffee no thanks

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This morning I stand in line where it lead outside the double doors to order a coffee and beverage for my 13 year-old. I get to the counter with no greeting, no hello.. I get it.. it can be overwhelming with non stop lineups!! .... I order a lrg coffee with 3 milk and a lrg white milk and I had to repeat twice as the one taking my order was multi-tasking on talking about coming from Winnipeg to another employee. She gives me two coffees standing in a carry out tray.. I said no, I ordered one coffee not two with a large white milk please... and she yelled at me at the top of her lungs, "sorry ma'am I couldn't hear you!" I calmly smiled at her and said is this what you call polite customer service, where is your manager? She snaps back and said "he's right here!" He was 10 feet away and walked over and said he was manager and he didn't hear her yell.. I said but you were not asked yet to come over and you heard me ask who is the manager so if you heard me then you heard her yell..

I find out when searching for the downtown Dalhousie Tim Hortons in Brantford for head office number to complain on their rudeness and lack of apology or "Tim Hortons Standards" in how they are suppose to treat customers with dignity and respect... social skills.. one of the main components on a resume besides a grade 12 and not just hiring anyone with just a heartbeat!! So, while doing a google search to find a head office contact, I found a news article about the opening of this Tim Hortons and found out the owners of the franchises' son is mentioned in the article...same name as on this so-called manager, so he called himself as. This so called manager without the managerial experience and biassed to the employee for her childish customer handling... if they're excuse is to gripe about poor minimum wages and overly worked then seek to find another job where you are not miserable and take it out on customers who pay your wages...

Nothing was handled appropriately from the female employee to verbally lash out at me... and even other employees looked at her and him in this situation in disgust along with the many customers standing in line. When I approached my daughter sitting at a table waiting for me, she asked me why I was yelled at, and she was sitting 30 feet away... so this so called child-manager they have at this location... if he even is one... heard and is a liar! Coffee Culture is a few steps down the road... looks like they lost a regular who spent a lot of money on coffees before going in for my 12-hour shifts... I should contact the owners, his mother to pull on his ear and give him a good ear scolding.. either of them do not deserve their jobs... give to individuals who have good work ethics. And if you hadn't of realized before, it is obvious that this type of employment is a temporary stepping stone, not for life-long employment at this kind of wage. Ashamed to say how Tim Hortons lacks in overseeing how the stores are being operated when they are not present shows the lack of this Canadian business is utterly failing not only in customer standards but ... a matter of time.. especially when you buy a lrg white milk for "about" the cost of a Neilson 4-liter bag at the grocery store. Soon, other competitions who want our money will come forth.. I would rather go to an American business where I am treated with respect then to be treated poorly and mistreated at a Canadian one.

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Susie rodenhiser on June 1, 2016 - 07:53 Permalink

Tantion Tim's is not clean the fire place lady bathroom floor they need real cleaner I am there 5 days week need to be cleaned

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Keetee on March 11, 2020 - 20:35 Permalink

I am always visit Timhorton at 720 Warden and Fairfax in Scarborough. I told themTwo week ago about men washroom tab is not working properly. May be by cause of sensor . But high school students are always in lunch times. I am expecting management want to fix this problem asap because of covid 19 virus.
Customers must wash their hands and some time customers use wash rooms . If they can management may fill the toilet papers and clean toilet floor most often. It was very helpful all customers.