Tim Hortons Responds

Regular readers will recall that I mentioned my surprise that a Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich contains 23 g of fat.  I had been in the habit of ordering this sandwich as a “healthy alternative” without thinking about it (doesn’t garden vegetable sound healthly?).  I sent an email to Tim Hortons, and this is what they wrote me back:

Dear Mr. Rukavina,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns with the Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich.

Tim Hortons has created a Nutrition Guide featuring a cross section of our products.  As you have recently viewed this guide electronically on our website, we hope that you have found the nutritional information useful in helping incorporate Tim Hortons products into your lifestyle.

The Garden Vegetable Sandwich is not advertised as a “healthy alternative” sandwich.  It is prepared with Plain Cream Cheese, Tim Hortons Special Dressing, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce.  The total fat content of this sandwich is 23 grams.  The areas of the sandwich in which the fat are located is as follows:

    Plain Cream Cheese, 13.0 grams
    Tims Special Dressing, 9.0 grams
    White Country Bun, 0.5 grams

To lower the total fat of this sandwich, request a sandwich with a Light Cream Cheese and no Tims Special Dressing.

Yours truly,
Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator
Research & Development

That (a) Tim Hortons would respond at all, (b) they would take my request seriously, and (c) that they have a Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator are all very heartening things.  Kudos to Tim’s for excellent service.


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Sandy Wright on January 17, 2005 - 01:06 Permalink

Hello, I was just wondering if there is any way I might purchase some of the 40th Ann. mugs. I won a Tim Horton’s gift basket from a local radio station with one mug in it. After seeing the mug I would like to have a few more for a set of them. I have checked the local stores and they all say there aren’t any more. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give me. Sandy

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I work at a Tim hortons in Prince Rupert. I was sad to check this site and see all the negetive comments. I believe that even one person CAN make a difference. In my store I enjoy going to work. Teamwork is promoted. I am in the midst of a medical process where I had to take off 2 weeks and then work scaled down shifts. I felt and feel very supported not only by my co-workers, but also by management, and the owners. If we are overwelmingly busy the owners have no problem coming out of the office to work beside us!There is an open door policy that I am very comfortable with. Yes, we work very hard there. We are a very busy restaurant. I see respect shown to each other and to the customers. Infact we were required to sign a contract to place the customer and our attitudes to the customer in the proper pespective. Customer comes first. They are why we have our jobs. I take pride in my work and my work place. I am proud to be a part of Tim Hortons and a positive part of each persons day as they walk in our store each day several times a day! I can only hope that the people that work in these places where they are not happy will take the proper steps to have their complaints heard not just whine about it. DO SOMETHING> there are numbers if you check the C.D.’s and or the complaint harrassment policy posted in your stores that you can call and reach head office. I read this page and if I and never beeen to a Tim Hortons I never would, thus missing out on a possible wonderful experience. Tim Hortons took a chance on me after I had been out of the work force for awhile as a mother. I, for one am grateful. I have dreams that are coming true today as a result of my interactions and my working at Tim Hortons in Prince Rupert B.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep up the great work guys! We get what we put in.Thank-you Devin and Laura for providing such a wonderful place for me to work! Thank-you to the customers who took the time to post your comments positive or negetive. Thanks to You we now know where there can be improvements.

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i am vary disapointed with one spasific tim hortons on the corner of strosberg and fisher halmen in Kitchener I have been at hundreds of hortons but this one takes the cake i am in here at least twice a week to get gas and a coffee for the past 3 years now! the people that work hear in the morning and they are all the same for these years seem to have an atatude there is not one time that i am in there that they are polite they are ither giving some costomer or student a hard time evan myself from mouthing off when i ask for my cup to be full ir asking for an extra sugar but what realy ticked me off was two days ago i drove up to the drive through window to ask for a coffee and there was no one inside or in line outside but clearly 3 workers standing inside talking the same workers as always you seem to recognise these faces after you have been rude to so many times….as i aproched the window a the lady pointed her finger to the drive through specer at the other end of the lot and turned away to continue her conversation i taped my horn she again pointed her finger and turned away i sat there for a moment asking my wife what is wrong with these people every time i come here ? then the lady saw i was still there aproched the window opened it and yelled at me SIR THIS IS A DRIVE THROUGH YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE SPECER TO ORDER… WELL THAT JUST FLOORED ME WHEN THERE WAS ABSOLUTLY NO ONE THERE IN LINE… THAT I NEED DRIVE TO THE END OF THE LOT AND BACK AGAIN TO MAKE HERE HAPPY… WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE WORK AT THIS HORTONS SHOP WHAT EVER HAPENED TO THE COSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT? I WILL NOW NEVER GO THERE AGAIN

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I would just like to say I too usually recieve good service at the location by my residence. I have heard as to your commercials and such that everything is baked daily, thus fresh. On my drive to work I thought I would stop by and get a coffee and boston cream donut, my favourite. I get everything and am on my way to work, eating my donut. The donut tastes a little weird, bitter, I take another bite and it’s even more bitter. I look at the donut and it seems fine, inside is ok, the underside however had patches of green mold, which I’m assuming is the bitterness I was tasting. I had time so I turn around and go back to this location, donut with 2 bites in hand. To my dismay I present the employees with the donut I purchased 15 minutes ago, and they say that I didn’t get it there I must have had it in my car for a few days(mind you even though I was driving I walk into the gasbar to get my coffee’s because I have a friend that works at the gasbar I chit chat with). So I was only there 15 minutes ago, had bought my moldy donut face to face, and this is the service I get. I had really expected more and hope things like this are corrected.

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I can’t believe that people on here, who actually work at Tim Horton’s have the thought that they count. You work at Tim Horton’s, you aren’t allowed an opinion, your only opinion is “Is that all sir?” and think whether or not I’m done ordering. As for everyone else here, I too dislike Tim Horton’s. The only time I ever use a Tim Horton’s is to take a shit, I don’t flush, and I sometime’s use the urinal, except twice when I used the sink, but I had the runny shits thought that would be easier. I bet that this post will remain here for at least 30 days before the “Timmy’s Tech Guy” swoops in on his 486 and deletes this post.

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Am I the only one who thinks the Tim Horton’s commercial with the older lady admonishing the two young business yuppies about proper lunch is disgusting? I hope Hortons did not pay a lot for the workup of this ad. I am boycotting till they remove the commercial. Surely they can do better.

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Oh my goodness„do you mean to say that they are charging a higher price for a larger cup of tea?
But it’s only Hot water and tea right??
But wait a sec „isn’t coffee hot water and coffee?
There should be a revolt„just imagine„a higher price for a larger cup of coffee!
How dare they make money!
A business isn’t supposed to make money! Is it?

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Where do i start?! Hmmmm….. As far as poor service, this has nothing to do with Timmy’s as a whole, but more store level. If you have a problem speak to the management or store owner of that particular store, if you reach a dead end phone head office in Oakville ON. They in return will contact the district manager of that area and he/she will be in contact with the store that is in question. Bitching about it on here or refusing not to buy another coffee or doughnut does nothing! ….. If you win something in the roll up the rim contest you own it! A truck…you own it, NOT a 1 year lease, you just can’t sell it in the first year…. the bike is yours, the TV is yours etc etc. It’s not rock science….do the research, you have internet access to post in here so use the internet to gain information to your questions! TimHortons.com As far as the brewed tea, don’t buy it if you don’t like it! Almost all stores still have tea bags of all sorts!! When ordering, how about being polite yourself… How’s “Good morning/Goodevening etc. could i please have a large 2/2! It goes along way! As far as minimum wage, so what!! Get another job then! Why in hell except a job that you know before hand what your going to be making then turn around after being hired and bitch about it! Makes no sense! I heard Timmys offer it’s employees benefits, benefits are good no?! And there are continued raises and bonuses throughout your time at Timmy’s, so what’s the fuss! Smile, pour coffee, gain customer service experience, cash experience, supervisor/managemnent experience then choose to either stay or move up whithin the company, it’s all about choice! If you don’t like it then leave, and don’t put your sour mood on someone else that’s coming in for there daily stop! Anyways…. i have to go now, it’s time to get in my truck and goto Timmy’s for my coffee although i have coffee sitting in my cupboard, i choose to get a roll up the rim cup……damn another “Please Try Again” ahwell, if they could only fix that problem! Ha!Ha! *Wink*

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Andy on March 16, 2005 - 00:39 Permalink

(Waterloo, ON)

wow. I’m writing a report on Tim Hortons promotions for my marketing class @ university, and have never heard such negativity about the franchise. Considering the thousands that are served each day, mistakes are bound to happen… however, staff should definitely be held accountable for any rude or impolite behaviour.

While ‘Roll up the Rim’ cups certainly generate excess garbage, just think of the pollution caused by the emissions of 10 cars constantly idling in the line of the Drive-Thru!

Tim’s saturation in some cities is just disturbing. With convenience, comfort and canadiana also comes conformity.

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I was at Tim Horton’s in Northbay near the canadian tire, I ordered a doubledouble from the drivethru from a hidious obese woman(christie) who was very rude from the start. when I complained that there wasn”t enough sugar she told me to f—off and go somewhere else. I wonder how poeple like this can maintain employment at this establishment, is there no supervision? I will be “going somewhere else”

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i recently worked for a tim hortons but i did not show up for my next shift i ended up leaving town a relative was very ill and could not call in. so i guess i lost my job anyways it has been a few weeks and i have not recieved my last pay was wondering y?

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I am a fourth grade teacher in Hamilton and everyday I have an extra-large Tim Hortons coffee. My students have discovered over the course of this year that a Timmy’s coffee is my favourite way to start the day. This year, I even received a couple of tins of coffee for Christmas from my students. Even though they do not drink coffee, my students also start their day with a Tim Horton’s experience. During this current “Roll Up The Rim To Win” promotion, my students have found excitement and great pleasure to see me roll up my rim. They give me a drum roll just as I am about to roll and if my rim is a winner, they do not get homework that evening. This in turn teaches them the concepts of patterning and probability in a fun and exciting way. If you are a Timmy’s fan and a teacher, I would encourage you to include your students in this fun mini math lesson. Since we have been graphing my Timmy winnings, my students and I only wish that we could be “rim winners” more often.

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RE:”You Bitches” and all you other customers with a beef.

You know what? You’re attitude isn’t that great either all the time. Seems all these customers (or just these simple asses who make employee life hard by messing up the washroom) think that because you’re on the other side of the counter you have this god given right to treat employess like dirt. The thing is you people don’t seem to understand what we have to deal with in a day. “My coffee is wrong” therefore you’re going to scream at me about it. Well you know what? You go ahead and make the number of coffees I do in a day and we’ll see if you make any mistakes. We can’t help it if everything isn’t perfect. No one seems to understand the insane workload we carry. Your life won’t end because you had to get your coffee replaced; and if it will then you need to get some help. Drive-thru has to be in and out in 1 minuted and 20 seconds. That’s why we insist at that you order at the box. That’s why when you get to the window after driving on through we ask that next time you order at the box even if no one is there simply because we need time to get the coffee ready; especially if there’s only ONE person there at the moment. Besides, you order three bagels at the window the poor sucker who ends up behind you is going to be waiting for 5 minutes because you’re not observant. It’s not like we’re sitting on our butts. We have to do more than just make the coffee. We have to make sure there’s coffee. We have to make sure there’s cream and sugar. We have to make sure the garbage isn’t over flowing. I mean we hardly get a break so don’t get all angry because your coffee took 3 minutes to get to you.

For all of you who don’t like steeped tea: fine. Don’t order it. The less it’s ordered the less chance of it being kept around. Write to head office if you want. Just don’t rant to me across the counter about it because, frankly, I didn’t invent it and it’s not my fault you don’t like it.

Oh! and as for crappy product? Don’t yell at the poor counter girl over it. She didn’t make the doughnut. She didn’t decide how it should be made. We’re happy to replace it for you but bitching and yelling at us isn’t going to get us to move faster.

I’m just so sick of all the damn abuse I recieve on a daily basis. Just because you have one bad experience with an employee doesn’t mean you have to drag us all through the mud. The most important thing for you people to realize is that the _nicer_ you treat the staff the farther they’ll go out of their way to help you.

Pretty damn disgruntled

Oh and just to give you an idea of what dimwits like “You Bitches” make us do. Some guy decided his fecal material would make great art work on the mens bathroom wall. So you want your coffee with a big wide smile after someone had to clean that up? We’re not robots.

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Enjoy Timmies on April 7, 2005 - 11:30 Permalink

Well, first, I work at Tim Hortons. I enjoy my position and duties as it constantly keeps my mind on everything from production, to ‘window time’, to Soup & Sandwich, to customer service.

I certainly do understand both sides of the bad service you may unfortunately experience at any ‘grab & go’ restaurant. Today even a customer (who comes in about once a week) said “I paid for an extra large coffee with triple cream, triple sugar. Nothing more, nothing less.” He didn’t yell, but it was all in his tone. Later on today, I had someone going through our DT say “wow, that was fast,” and she smiled and said thank you. It’s those customers which make my day.

I work at one of the busiest Tim Hortons in BC — and we take pride in the hard work it takes to have the #1 DT time in BC. And with being in the finals for Always Fresh for 6 years running, winning thrice, sure, the owners expectations are high and things may seem a little hard, but it’s worth it. Everyone takes pride in our reputation.

I have a customer who travels over 15 km to our store specifically to order cookies because she also buys dinner at the same time, and enjoys our clean, fast and friendly atmosphere. Never is there a day that goes by that I do not feel good I work there when I start. Mind you, I do have other ‘feelings’ when it’s-a-plunging-the-toilet-I-go, :oP

Sure we’re pushed at my store, but with good cause. Employees are always made to feel equal. We have an ability to have input through our Employee Advisory Group, and the Open Door policy is actually open! Regularly I can freely talk about matters such as time off, hours, and matters outside of work. Our June, and especially Christmas, staff parties are more than a thank you for our hard work. Hey, who would turn down an NHL game?

There’s always negativity, and all of it spread internally by those not on top. And those negative people not on top, spread it to, unfortunately, customers.

I just spent some time reading this message board and felt that possibly my comments would serve as another point of view. :o)

Have a good day! (*Smiles*)

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Stan Mikita on April 7, 2005 - 14:41 Permalink

That last poster should get a job at Tim’s PR department (if he’s not already working there, that is!)

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Farrier Chick on April 8, 2005 - 02:02 Permalink

I just came across this page… wow is about all I can say. I don’t really feel one way or another about Tim Hortons, the coffee usually tastes burnt, the muffins leave a funny after taste, and the staff can be a bit moody… but all and all what can you expect from staff who get paid minimum wage, get yelled at by caffine deprived commuters over too much or too little cream in the coffee, and dealing with crap on the bathroom walls? They rarely get tipped and more often than not get crappy hours. I go in occasionally but don’t expect any thing spectacular from them, I do expect my coffee/tea to be hot and my bagel toasted when I ask for it toasted, and it is always done. I have been going a little more frequently lately on the way into work and usually on my way home from work for a cup of tea to go, I usually order steeped tea so I can grab it and go and not have to mess around in the parking lot with tea bags and milk and sugar. I went into the Timmies by my boyfriends work today and asked for an extra large steeped tea, I was informed that they were out of it but would have some shortly, I said I didnt feel like waiting and that regular tea would be fine. Last time I checked regular tea was $1.15 with tax (any size) and it was the same price as the steeped tea. I just asked politely when that change came into effect and the girl walked away and didnt come back! I shrugged it off and left, I honestly didnt care a whole lot because if the price bugged me that much I would have just left and made my own tea at home. I was just surprised that she walked away and didnt come back!

I guess I can say from working as a bartender, that when it isnt up to someone to clean up after themselves they will make a mess, and it is unfortunate that the people who need these jobs to support themselves or families end up with the “shitty” jobs, Kudos for being able to put up with it, and for being able to put up with disguntled people who freak out over cream and sugar.

No point in getting mad at the counter person, they didnt make the muffin, or the leaky cup or the dirty bathroom.. take it to the ones who are responsible.

I do find it sad that I have bought over 30 cups of tea/coffee in the last couple of weeks (mediums-extra larges, as I have been told that the bigger prizes are in the extra large cups) and still havent even won a cookie or a muffin!

Did anyone ever figure out if they actually did print the winning labels on the back of the roll up the rim cups? even when they say “sorry please play again”? just curious!

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Enjoy Timmies on April 8, 2005 - 07:54 Permalink

Hey Stan, thanks for the laugh regarding being in the Tim Hortons PR department. :o) I am a supervisor at a BC Timmies.

Farrier Chick, I believe it is simple rumour about seeing a winning tab on the opposite side of where the big arrow says “Roll up here”. The contest cups are produced by an independent company. Hence the different lids we also get from them during the promotion. Tim Hortons would, for the next year’s promotion, use a different cup manufacturer if this rumour was at all true.

I am interested in where you purchased your tea, as since the steeped tea’s introduction on August 7/04, tea is priced according to size. $1.16 med, $1.34 large, $1.50 x-large.

My sister’s fianc

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Enjoy Timmies” really has the corporate lingo down. It’s obvious that the franchise has a very effective training program for its supervisors.
Here on PEI there are 16 Tim’s stores of varying sizes (one is in a gas station, one in a hardware store, one is open in summer only, one has no inside seating) for 137,000 people.
One of my employees has won the camping package (she only bought 6 coffees!). I’ve won two donuts in about 18 coffees, so I’m not as lucky. I must confess that when the first Tims opened here in 1975 or so, I couldn’t understand how a place that served only coffee and donuts would stay in business. I figured they would be busy only between 10 am and 10:15 each morning!

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laura on April 8, 2005 - 13:39 Permalink

I worked at tim hortons in bradford. I found the staff amazing to work for and the customers were always pleasant at least the ones i got were. last feb. i had to quit my job and relocate to kitchener i have been applying at several tim horton out here and i was basically told i had too much experience or i was too old. well i dont think 46 is not that old, i dont care about the rate of pay i just ejoyed working there. Its pretty bad when you are over 20 they wont give you a change at least that is the impression i get. but overall i think it is a great place to work.

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oliver on April 8, 2005 - 15:25 Permalink

I’m sympathetic to Farrier Chick’s “what-do-you-expect-from-minimum-wage-workers” perspective, but I think if those workers weren’t (however understandably) angry, apathetic and/or alienated they would realize that it isn’t their customers’ fault that the world is as it is and has jobs as it has and everybody might as well do what they can make life nicer for everybody, even at the risk of some manager thinking you are some kind of true believer in the motivational blather of the employee training manual. I say strike and picket when necessary, but don’t poison the donuts.

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Julie on April 8, 2005 - 16:43 Permalink

Whne we live in a world of Thatcherite politics do you truly believe that striking and picketing by the workers of Tim Hortons is feasible? These workers are making minimum wage!!!! They are barely able to survive let alone give up that wage to fight a corporate power that would not tolerate dissent. Maybe poisoning the donuts is the only way to go…it would effect the customers directly, rude manners are simply something that can be bitched about on the way out the door. It is the customers that hold all the power in this relationship. Is it possible to rid yourself of your bourgeois mentality and maybe go picket and strike for these workers yourself. It is the working class that holds all the power in the western world! Putting all the accountiblity on the workers is tantamount to saying “Let them eat cake!”

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oliver on April 8, 2005 - 17:08 Permalink

It’s harder and happens less nowadays, but customers can indeed wield power by honoring picket lines and the media can wield it by publicizing them. Also, does it not stand to reason that employees will win more solidarity with everybody else if they demonstrate with signs instead of poison? Anyway, I think a more accurate English translation of Marie A.’s line would be “Let them eat donuts!”

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oliver on April 9, 2005 - 00:58 Permalink

‘course you can be legally fired for organizing under the contracts that many minimum-wage employers use, at least in the states.

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Ann on April 11, 2005 - 21:03 Permalink

To the oomplainers

Had you ever worked at a Tim Hortons, you would know why you get scowled at! People who pull up to the drive thru: WE CAN HEAR YOU, we can hear you as soon as you trip the alarm, because we are forced to wear ear shattering headsets for hours on end. This means that when you make your comments about “that bitch that served me last time” — we HEAR YOU. This is WHY you get bad service.

Also, some of you have coffee addictions. You should seek help, instead of yelling at the girl at the counter for taking too long. We are doing the best we can. However, it is a very small work space and we only have two hands. Also, Timmy’s is notoriuosly bad for booking in shifts without 8 hrs in between. So the girl who is rude to you at the counter probably hasn’t slept for 8 full hours since last christmas. Not to mention that we all have families and lives we have to go back to and deal with when our shifts are done. You try getting home at 1am, being up with a baby and then having to be back for 6:30am, and we will see how cheerful you are.

You get crappy service because you treat employees badly. Do not assume that because we did not anwser you on the drive thru right away that we are not doing anything. The truth is quite the oppoiste. We are very busy serving the lunatics at the counter and due to understaffing, we can’t get to you right away. At my Timmy’s people would shit in the urinal, and geuss who had to clean that? for minimum wage, might i add. So,becase someone has a poor sense of etiqette, i have to spend 30 mins cleaning the bathroom.

In summation, if we are bitchy, it is because we are tired, overworked and underpaid. Thank you for reading

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Disgruntled on April 15, 2005 - 02:27 Permalink


Nice to know someone else isn’t as ridiculously frustrated with stupid and overall crappy behavior of customers. Hasn’t slept for 8 hours since christmas.. haha I work 6 to 7 days in a row ALL THE TIME. I’m at the point where I’m so tired I’m stupid but no no I’m TRYING to screw up the coffees oh yes because I really want to get yelled at. Grab a brain I say.

They pull up to the drive thru.. we have a timer.. not even 3 seconds.. “HELLO? “HELLO!?!” loud obnoxious voice as of we’re trying to ignore them. Give me a break. We’re always doing something it’s not like we’re sitting on our asses admiring the wall.

And here I thought patience was a virtue.

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Paula on April 28, 2005 - 13:31 Permalink

This is for Kevin about the spoons at TH… maybe in some stores they do like Jeff says,but I used to work for TH and that’s not how it was done in that store.The 2 spoons used for stirring sat in dirty water forever.I started a shift in the afternoon and went to stir coffe and the spoons were sitting in cloudy, disgusting water so I started to dump it and got in trouble wit my superviser telling me not to waste time on that.When they do put ice in the cup,the cup is only dumped out and then ice goes in.The spoons and the cup rarely see the dishwasher or soap for that matter.Also there is no spoon dedicated to refill cups… that’s a fairytale!!!

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Enjoy Timmies! on May 1, 2005 - 09:09 Permalink

I work at a BC Tim Hortons. I know that it is not of our utmost importance to have a ‘slush’ mixture in the cup with the stir spoon. However, at least once a shift I do ensure they are dumped, washed, and sanitized. Then they are refilled with ice. We are to use a stir stick or unwrapped straw to stir refill cups. There are always breaks in orders to be able to do this at any time of day (excluding Friday and Saturday sometimes)

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Kevin O on May 1, 2005 - 18:38 Permalink

(not the same as the above signed “Kevins”)

The infernal UP-SELL!

There is only one thing I’d change about Tim Horton’s if I could — the infernal up-sell.

Everyone knows the menu (or is pretty well versed). When I say “medium black please” what’s with the “Would you care for a hot fresh baked free-range corn muffin with billybong sauce droozles?”. I sincerely hope customers don’t add these items to their order just because they are prompted because this gives Tim’s the economic reasoning they are seeking. If we just say “no” then the extra time used is at least as much at their expense as it is at ours.

But, time is not the point. It’s having to extract one’s brain from whatever worthwhile thing it was doing (even just relaxing) to answer a question which needn’t be asked.

I find myself at Robins a lot more these days because of the up-sell. At Robins they don’t introduce themselves by name (which I occasionally get at Tim’s) but the don’t bother with the total cost information which either I can figure out because I’m frequently making the same purchase, or ignore because I’m holding a toonie, fiver, or some other even amount of money (and THEY are already holding onto my change anyway because they play the odds which works very well I think).

Yes, Ann, we know you can hear us and perhaps that’s why you hear so many comments — personal slurs are another thing altogether though. But if you hear “phuquin upsell!!” in your ear, try not doing it.

…hug a timbit!

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Kathy Rabey on May 1, 2005 - 20:32 Permalink

We always purchase Tim Horton’s products but recently we have been noticing changes at our regular franchise. It is located at Eglinton Ave and Midland in Scarborough.We have been getting wrong orders and leaky cups, half-filled cups and at times very bitter, also unable to get our favourite sandwiches, donuts, croissants, etc. Someone should really take the time and speak with the owner or manager of this franchise. They should be trained again with dealing with the public as they are rude and sarcastic. We have been very discouraged with products and people skills.
Kathy Rabey

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I am a regular at the Tim Hortons, on Maryland and Portage, in Winnipge,Mb. or was rather.Untill I saw one of the managers show some of the most appolling behaviour I have ever witnnessed.What occured was, early one morning, there was a group of people, one of whom apperently wrote (in sidewalk chalk)an obsenity on the wall. Apon being approached by management, the person who wrote the obsenity on the wall admitted to such. Yet, we all were barred although we had no knowledge of the event in question, and advised the management of such. What transpired next still has me extremley upset.Someone who has done worse, got their barring liffted.But if you happen to be a friend of one of the employees, aboriginal, or handicapped, you don’t get an unwarented bar lifted? I feel that I am possibly being discrimminated against,and or slandered.If this issue could be addressed, or if someone could inform me on how to get ahold of someone who could address it for me, I myself would feel much better about this occurance.

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I also forgot to mention that 2 of the 5 people who were in this group, have had there barrings liffted, now, my friend and I have also had nothing to do with this situation, so why is it impossible to get our barrings liffted. I have come to 2 conclusions, and I am not happy with either one. 1. I am aboriginal and my friend is handicapped or 2. We just so happen to be friends of one of the employees at this location. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it against some human rights act to discrimminate against a person based on who there friends are?

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Hi I was just wondering if you could answer a question for me. My Mom works at a Tim Hortons Location and I was ondering what exactly does there Insurance cover. I am supposed to get braces but the only thing stopping me is my mom saying that Tim Hortons doesn’t have dental on their Insurance. I don’t think that is true but could you please help??? (^.^)

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It is 7:30 p.m. Saturday night and I have just come back form the Timmy’s at Meadowvale Towne Centre.
Never in my life have I delt with people that do not have a “clue” like the staff their.
Every single time since the store opened in 2004, I have NOT recieved a correct order.
From January on, I have kept a record of every time myself or someone else has gone for coffee at this location and every time they have messed up.
Between my husband and myself, we spend on average $20.00 a day at Timmy’s. My husband is on nights and I work at 6 am. I love that this store is so close, but I think I am going to have to go back to the one at BATTLEFORD because the people are more friendly and they make sure they get you order right.
Maybe some changes are in ORDER.

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Good morning I am writing on behalf of Peter Monette who lives at 423 Hatfield Cr. Orleans K1E 1M9. On the evening of Saturday, May 7, 2005 at 1:45am Mr. Monette pulled up to the drive thru at the Tim Hortons on the corner of Innes and 10th line. Mr. Monette a long time customer of this Tim Hortons was denied “Decafe coffee”. Mr. Monette order decafe and was told that they did not have any and that they would not be making any as they don’t sell any at that time of night. Mr. Monette states that he spends at least $60/wk at this Tim Hortons. At the time Mr. Monette requested this service he states there were no clients in/out of the store waiting to be served and he feels that Tim Horton’s is providing False Advertisement. False Advertisement as Tim Horton’s adverstises a fresh pot of coffee is made on a regular basis, so why was this customer denied the service he was requested. Please address this issue to Mr. Monette at the address provided. Mr. Monette is very aggreviated and will take this up with newspapers if this matter is not dealt with.

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Hi again, I posted a note on here a couple of days ago about If a Supervisor in Tim Hortons has Dental Insurance? If anybody knows this answer it would be greatly appreciated if you could write me back an e-mail at i_got_attitude25@hotmail.com with your answer.

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I just happen to stumble on this site.I find it very interesting and entertaining.I cannot for the life of me understand why people are so obessed with complaining and or critize every little going ons,that occur at a Tims.I work at a Tims and it is a great job and good pay.My bosses are fantastic people,they stand behind us 100%.Of course you get the odd people that complains ,but it is part of every job.The only diffence is how your complaints are addressed.Most employed person that are working there are students trying to make monies for their college funds or for spending money.They do not have any work experience with dealing with complaints or rude customers.They are still working on their lifeskills.
To all the people who received any wrong orders,at the location I work at ,we will gladly give you another product of equal value or replace the one that was given,probably 70% of time by mistake, because we do make mistakes.
I will rinse your travel mug even wash it if to dirty and we do change our spoons and put new ice,we do not use cold water but ice in our containers that holds these spoons.
Has for Mr.Monette,time are suppose to be put on the pots 20 minutes and then they are thrown out.At my location,which I work 11 to 7 am ,we keep decaffe on all night and is thrown out every 20 minutes if by any chance I didn’t get the chance of making one ,because of other things I have to do,I will let my customer know that the time has expired and if he would like to wait while I make a new one he is more than welcome to wait or he can have a regular coffee that is still within the allotted time.Most people will wait,it take 31/2 minute to make a pot of coffee,very fast I would say.
The drive thru window is another sore spot for some people,we are timed on the orders we have to put thru,I do understand also that those are put on by head office,lets be realistic there is no way you can put out orders in 20 second but they want you to try and reach that goal if at all possible.This would be possible if only coffee would be sold at drive thru, but with the huge variety on the menu this is not possible.So please be patience, most people are ,thank you for that.
On to the upsell, we have to do that.We are told to ask you,I’m sure you know that you are at a Tim and you know why you are there but it’s part of my job and I have to do it ,like you have to do yours,SORRY!
I have to say that 99% of the customers are very understanding,that sometimes we are under-staffed, are busier than other times ,and we try to have a smile on but you know sometimes its not there but maybe the next time you come,you will see how glad we are to see you.
Another thing that gets to me is how some past or present employee of Tim Horton complains,what I came up with is this,if you don’t like your job leave,there are always someone waiting to replace you,that would appreciate the pay check and also these employees are not cut out to work with the public so be nice to yourself find a career/job, you would be more comfortable in.
In closing ,I will look forward of seeing all the travellers this summer and I’m happy to see all our regulars even thought I don’t always smile I notice if you are not there.

Ps. Sara ,your mom got a booklet with her insurance.Look under dental it’s all in there.Every employee had the option of having that insurance even owners and supervisors.

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I work at timmy’s and I must say I love working with the public but I really hate who I work with they are caddy and pathetic all they do it talk about everyone but themselves and complain about everything. Tim hortons is not the best company to work for but is not the worst neither. Managment is the biggest problem there is. They drink with the suppervisors and some of the day staff so when you do complain nothing gets done at my store the drive thru day staff talks and makes rude comments about almost every customer that comes through They complain about everything and anything there is one good supervisor and he should be manager and get rid of the one we have. Tim Hortons is not the best place to work but I have worked for worste. All customers are not nice but you know what you work with the public soak it up remember you are not always nice. That is your job to be nice. It is nice to have polite customers but it is not their job to be nice but your’s is to be nice.

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Hello I just come across this site by accident and I would like to make a comment. I was at a Tim Hortons in the town of Tecumseh Ontario and I must say I go through there every night at about 11:15 and I must say the service is great they say thank you come again and the girl is always so pleasant. I go through again at 3:00 am and the same girl very nice. Great service. Usally busy at that time from the other people I work with also goes through. I get off work and go through again can’t believe I am at the same store. RUDE RUDE RUDE AGAIN. Drive thru they are so rude with such rotten attitudes. So I decide to go into the store this one morning having a bad day myself. Only to find nothing but rude again and I couldn’t believe it. It was the manager that served me maybe that is why the drive thru service was bad. They are learning from management. I called and talked with the owner very nice man Vince. Said he was sorry and sent me coupons in the mail. I was off for 4 days went back guess what go through at 11:15 wonderful service 3:00 am wonderful service 7:00 am nothing different same horrible attitudes. I will go through at my regular times 11:15 and 3:00 AM. I will not go back at 7:00 I will get my coffee on Dougal and Tecuseh and I will be sure to let my co-workers know about the wonderful service!!!!!!!! I know not all customers are the best to serve but you know what that is your job dealing with the public and if you don’t like it maybe find a different one. I am not asking for you to kiss my ass. But I am asking for a little bit of respect. If it wasn’t for the customers you wouldn’t have a job.

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I live in Oshawa and the Tim Horton’s on King Street just west of Ritson. This Tim Horton’s needs more staff working especially on the weekends in the mornings around 630 a.m. I went there on Saturday morning just past. Got there at 6:45 to get my morning coffee before heading into work which is only 2 minute drive away. They were so slow that we waited in the drive through for about ten minutes as the girl was only taking one order at a time. So being frustrated I went inside instead thinking it maybe faster service. NOT! It still took just as long. I was almost late for work. Got there just on time. Having teenageers working on a Saturday morning at that time is not a good idea. I think half of them are still hung over from the night before at the bar. When there are adults working at this location there is never a problem. Maybe they should consider teenagers working but also have an adult on site with them.

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I have been a customer of Tim Hortons for many years. As soon as I came into the website I was roaring mad….I just picked up my coffee and came home…was it what I ordered? No…should I be ticked off, well based on DISGRUNTLED, No, But…that wasn’t the only time I got the wrong thing, yesterday I received an extra large tea, instead of an extra large decaf black…I’m looking forward to my coffee when I get to work and when I taste it, yuk! Am I now suppose to leave work, and get them to change it? This has been an ongoing issue with Tim Hortons lately…and I’m sorry , but I have to agree with alot of the other customers with a beef, they are all true, the workers are rude, they are supposed to be servicing the customer not socializing amongst each other, that’s how they screw up peoples orders, pay attention to what you are getting PAID to do….if you’re not happy with it…find a job where you don’t deal with the public. There are other beefs we’ve seen as well, ordering a large coffe and 1/4 of it is missing….what about getting a second cup if you order a tea, but the black coffees you have to beg for a second cup??? Come up with sleeves if this is too costly for you. I was in a Tim Hortons in Detroit and they had sleeves??? What’s with having multigrain bagels in one Tim Hortons, but another one doesn’t carry them???? All Tim Hortons should be that same, all the service should be the same, all employees should be trained the same, after all, aren’t you all supposed to be representing Tim Horton…..I wonder what he would think?

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I work in a Tim’s in BC…and I tell you, some owners/managers have it tough as well as the employees. My owners work 7 days a week in thier store.Starting wages are 10.00, full health benifits are provided and we still have idiots who can not bother to show up for work. Then the people who do show up have to pick up the slack and take abuse from customers that they are not being served fast enough. My owners do not allow customers to abuse the staff. Thank God for good store owners. And please…it’s just coffee…do you really need to curse at store workers because you had to wait….? And..everyone who has ever worked at Tim’s knows that it is really HARD work!

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My family and i have been buying Timmies for a long time now, and in the past year my father and myself have had alot of trouble from the staff. There not just rude or bithcy, but they actually give use the wrong order. I dont know how you can end up with tea, when we asked for coffie!!! And muffins instead of tim bits??????? <wtf> And it not like im in drive thruogh!!!This has happend to many times for my liking> my father and i dont need to be treated like lower class,because they think they can!!! where not the ones working at Tim Hortons. I think everyone should be treat with respect. And to the boss that actually higher that staff should really look into who you getting to work for you.Or firepeople who just stand talking for the whole time!!!I am going to make a complant to the manager> even though i know nothing will be done.Im not happy with your store> i wont be again>< i dont think ill go there again ,so i can feel like shit!!! thankx for reading> from rene peel> 18 years of age.

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Tim Hortons Supervisor
Throws HOT Coffee on Customers.

An inch and a half by approximately one inch of plastic is what was floating on the surface of Beverley McFarlane

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Former worker here. IT IS RLY HARD TO WORK THERE ! They have the most amount of products to serve compared to other food chain restaurants. I agree it does get busy. Sometimes too busy if a worker doesn’t show up. The wages are MINIMUM PAY and there are NO BENEFITS. I repeat … MINIMUM PAY and NO BENEFITS. I even know a few ppl who have worked there for several years and not even once had they got their raise. On top of that… most owners are assholes. The customer doesn’t help either. We try hard enough to serve you better. They always try to push us harder to our limits. I had worked alone at nights and it was crazy busy. Shoudn’t there be 2 or more employees at night ? Of course ! But why sweat it when they save $$$ with the less possible staff working. I see most ppl who have posted here are employees or are former ones. And someone said 10$/hour with benefits ? ARE YOU NUTS ?!?! Your owner must be really nice cuz in ours even if you clean the walls with your tongue, have the whole place sparkling and had worked like a freaking donkey runnin all over the place … you don’t get appreciated not even noticed. Oh !!! don’t get me wrong … U do get noticed when you do something bad. Even a slight mistake will cost ya. And we have to pay for our own food ?! No Way ! … but they adapted the new 30 % employee discount . WHAT ?! I made this freaking thing and what prevents me from havin it for free ? Who are you to tell me to pay for something I did !? Besides …. it’s being throwned away anyways after awhile (night shift products) . And you only get one 15-minute break. YES that’s right…. ONE FREAKING BREAK for an 8 hour long shift. Camera’s all over the place covering every angle makin’ it look like you’re in prison. And you’re being raped by the big guys which are the managers/ owners. Even after all this punishment , I smile to the customers. The ones that don’t … well ……. hopefully u ppl understand. There are too much things to do and too many to serve. As for night shifts… they have to do this ALONE. What? you thought they just sit all night ? Well… maybe they do and they deserve it. Cuz even if they do … night shifts have to fill up and place all the things before the morning shifts come as they’re the most important. The evening shift (3 pm — 11 pm) seems to be the best one to work at. Customers are more friendly. More understanding and especially polite unlike the morning ppl.

As for the post just above this one … about the employee who threw coffee at the customer. Well … she coulda just gave her a new coffee , apologized and all with a smile. Troubles would’ve been prevented. That’s how I would’ve handled it. Most employees are idiots and have no sense of what customer service is. Fortunately, I’m not one of those and so are alot of other employees. Like I said… We are nice and rly try hard to serve you with a smile.

As for the teenagers working. I think their more conserned about pleasing the customer than the older employees. Although I must agree the younger ones do more pathetically of a job than the more mature ones. But hey… who can you blame ? Their young…. althought I could be wrong and there are some exceptions.

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Positive suggestion for your establishment, man! When I fly down to another city I seem to always end up at the edge of the city. Tim Horton’s is hundreds of miles away. So, What do I do? Nothing! I can’t walk all the way down just to go buy a cup of coffee. My suggestion is this! Listen very carefully and money will start pouring in. Lots of money. Not that I don’t trust your establishment but it’s the delivery people I don’t trust. Please man, do something to have your coffee to be delivered to people like me. Take orders by phone and do deliveries. Come up with foolproof lids and we will call your place and place lots of orders. I think it’s a good idea. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, ever stupid me, we’ll order donuts with our coffees, please! Thank you!

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I came across this message board by accident, but would like to post a comment. I work at a Timmy’s in Strathroy, Ont. Im amazed at all the negative comments left here by both employees and customers. If your coffee order ends up wit a tea in your hands… its probably becuz someone new handed u the wrong cup! simple. big deal? shouldnt be. just call, and we’ll take ur name, and owe u a free one! although management is lacking to say the least, we’re still encouraged to “kill customers with kindness”. sure the odd time if a customer is rude, we feel like being rude back. however, if we’re super nice instead, whose gunna feel like an ass at the end of the day? not me. and sorry, but why does everyone always complain about timmys and not other drive thru establishments?! screwing up a bigmac meal with mcnuggets is not excusable. but coffees are more specific!! because people like their coffee an exact certain way right? well, some employees use heaping spoonfuls of sugar, while others may make more level spoonfuls. it all depends who makes it u know? so, why not get ur cream and sugar on the side if youre so picky? u know? also no offence to other people working at timmys, but the average intelligence of some/most employees isnt too high. otherwise theyd have careers u know? sorry to say, but what do u expect u know? an employee who can take ur order and do the math in her head and knows all totals off by heart??? not gunna happen. im not saying im above my coworkers, but i feel im way more observant than alot of them! so be patient with the not so bright ones!i will say, i agree with the other workers who say we’re over worked and underpaid. i just had my 2YEAR evaluation, and got a DIME raise. considering the turnover rate at tim hortons, i would appreciate more than a DIME for stickin around for 2years. a dime is nothing. sometimes, if im sweeping the floor and theres a dime, i MAY not always pick it up! thats how much a dime means to me! lol anyways, regarding the comment from the person who said they get GREAT service in the middle of the night but not in the AM? well, i work nightshift. its alot less stressful, we actually get breaks between customers. so, we’re nice u know? not stressed. however in the AM, your visit starts off to us workers as a BEEP BEEP BEEP in our ear! over and over, beep! beep! so, sorry if we cant ALWAYS sound pleasant. im rambling. all in all, please be patient. oh, and PS. i understand the drivethru line can take a while sometimes. however, please allow urself the time to stop in b4 work. dont come 10 minutes til when u start and then get mad at US cuz ur gunna be late. come in a little earlier ok? :)

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Hi, I was just wondering where some of the busiest tim Hortons are in Canada? I’ve heard that the one I work at is up there, so I’m just curious.

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I was woundering how old you have to be to apply for a job at Tim Hortons? If you could tell me please tell me soon. Can you be 15 and work there?

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Iam a X-employee and Frequent customer of tim hortons. So i can say that these people are the worst employers ever, the general public are a pain in the ass as you can never make them happy. As for the employers they treat their staff like shit and who are they to say that you can’t have a cigarette on your one 15 minute break. For minimum wage you don’t own me.
From a customer stand point knowing that it’s about consistancy why the hell is it that when i order triple triple 5 times a day i get 2/5 that taste like one. You never get the same coffee. Maybe the tim hortons inspector should drink his coffee with cream and sugar instead of black. So he can tell when the sure shot is messed up. Not that management ever gave a Fuc*.