My copy of OS X “Tiger” arrived yesterday. I’m all backed up and ready to install. Catch you on the other side.


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Cyn on May 13, 2005 - 16:23 Permalink

Have fun with your widgets!! Woo hoo!

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Peter Rukavina on May 13, 2005 - 20:38 Permalink

Install finished. Went well. Wasn’t the Finder supposed to be entirely re-envisioned in this release, moving away from “hierarchical folders” to another metaphor?

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Isaac Grant on May 13, 2005 - 23:21 Permalink

Simple answer — no.

Slightly longer answer — a lot of the discussion about spotlight had big chest beating statements about how it would make hierarchical folders and the finder out of date. Truth is, spotlight is useful and cool, but no replacement — maybe the groundwork for a replacement — but more just a better search engine.

This remarkably long and detailed review on ars.technica (http://arstechnica.com/reviews… has lots of good tidbits about what it is, and isn’t (and some good guesses as to the future). Worth the read if you’re a big geek — worth a skim if you’re just intrested.

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Ian Williams on May 14, 2005 - 16:15 Permalink

Have you found things becoming sluggish? Eudora hangs all the time, and Safari has taken a hit. Also, weird performance issues after awaking from sleep. I’m running a 17” Powerbook (1 GHz) with a gig of RAM, so I should be well within Tiger’s sweet spot. Checked the Apple discussions, but too much to wade through.

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Peter Rukavina on May 14, 2005 - 17:15 Permalink

Yes, things are sluggish. They were *more* sluggish when I first installed — apparently this is a Known Issue related to Spotlight indexing everything. But mail seems slower, Dashboard crawls. Safari, however, is positively zippy, esp. compared to Firefox.