Three New Things, № 4

I resurrect a series that had been in stasis for a year.

  1. Piatto, the pizza place on Queen Street, in the Kays Building, makes an awfully good cappuccino. They go on a little too much about it on the menu (“creating microfoam to top the coffee”), but ignore that. They hand-pull on a Pavoni, and they appear to be really good at it.
  2. The Garden Café on Kent, at 88 Kent Street, across from the Charlottetown Firehall where Interlude used to be, has an eclectic lunch menu. I had the spinach panini for lunch, accompanied by Greek and potato salads and a cup of tea. It was very good, and the service was warminhly friendly.
  3. The Bookmark, the local Charlottetown bookstore that keeps on keeping on, has proved an unexpected fount of knowledge on all things pen and ink. I’ve always known they carry art supplies; I never knew they knew so much about them.