Three New Things, № 2

Next in the series (with torrential rain mixed with the plaintive sounds of Anne and Gilbert in the background):

  1. Royal Pita Bakery in West Royalty (in behind Kent Building Supplies) has an amazing-to-watch pita-making-machine (the “blow the bread up like a balloon” phase is especially intriguing). As a result, you can stop in and buy pita bread fresher than you’ve likely ever had it. A 5-pack of the smaller size is only $2.25. Take the kids!
  2. Angel’s Cheddar-Jalapeño Bread at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. It’s very, very good.
  3. Starbucks Cold Brew at the West Royalty drive-thru. I dislike almost everything about Starbucks, but when we’re out and about at the edge of the city on a hot summer day, in our 17 year old air conditioning-free car, a quick dip into the drive-thru for a cold brew is just what I need.