The Third Toadstool

Toadstool Books is a three-location independent bookseller that, for my money, is among the best-organized, best-merchandised in the world.

I’ve been to the Peterborough, NH location many times — it’s quite near my regular motel in the town — and a few times to the Keene, NH store, which sprawls through the heart of the Colony Mill Marketplace.

Today is my first time in the Milford, NH location, though: I’ve popped in en route to Boston Logan Airport and Milford is about half way.

Like the Peterborough shop, this one has an affiliated coffee shop; as I type, I’m enjoying a café latte expertly prepared by the barista cum dishwasher who recommended it as a compromise drink (as they are out of decaf beans). It’s perfectly fine.

If you ever happen to find yourself here, be sure to also stop in to Mì Jalisco, the Mexican restaurant in the plaza next door: their food is very, very good.

I’m off to browse now, before getting in the Prius C and heading out on the highway.