The things I learned today…

Things I learned today:

  • the AT&T Global Network has the best prices if you’re looking for occasional global dial-up Internet access
  • the Japanese FM radio band uses different frequencies than we use in North America,
  • rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc.) are still hard to find, expensive and have chargers that are too big and cumbersome,
  • per capita Subaru ownership in Maine far exceeds that of PEI,
  • you can now buy bottled unsweetened iced tea in New England,
  • if we are to believe the movie Pearl Harbor, WWII-era military Japan had much, much better aesthetics than the US: Armani-designed uniforms, cool battle planning bunkers with reflecting pools, etc.
  • Irving Oil dominates the retail gasoline market in northern Maine.
  • Xircom modems suck; CardAccess modems rock.
These are the kind of things one travels to Bangor to learn.