The birth of our Oliver was not without its stresses and complications. We are now in a good and healthy state, and have many to thank for their help along the way: Dr. Frank MacDonald, Dr. Pamela Sproule, Dr. Peter Noonan, Dr. Pauline Champion; the nurses in labour & delivery, the NICU, and the maternity ward, who are among the most skilled and compasionate people I have ever met (I would name them individually, but my foggy mind cannot retain all of their names…); the hospital staff — janitors, food service, all — who shared in our ups and downs; our neighbour and friend Catherine Hennessey who kept me filled up with macaroni and cheese during the stressful times, and generally bouyed my spirit; colleagues at and Yankee who put up with my absence and cheered us on; and most of all our families: Grant, Marina, Norm, Frances, William, Debbie, Ioma, Hazel, Joe, Jim, Cathy, Pierna, Larry, Mike, Steve, Johnny, Jodi, and all their children for their support and love.