Textile artists aren’t often thought of as creating fine art…”

The Guardian ran a story today about Catherine’s piece, along with those from 18 other women, being added to the permanent collection of the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

In the article Catherine makes the point that the inclusion of her piece is significant not only for the Centre seeking to reduce the gender disparity in its collection, but also for its inclusion of textile works as art:

I’m proud they have chosen a piece of mine,” says Miller, pointing to “Making Lists”. Fashioned from silk and thread, the installation resembles a mobile with pieces fluttering through the air, from a canopy overhead.

Each silk panel contains a written list.

Lists provide a picture of our everyday life, whether I have to go pick up my son, pick up an onion on the way home or phone my mother.”

Miller says having “Making Lists” picked for the show (and the collection) came as a pleasant surprise to her.

Textile artists aren’t often thought of as (creating) fine art. But, I think those rules might be breaking down over the last few years. In the past, textile art and people who work with textiles, which in North America are mostly women, weren’t perceived the same way as those who did oil on canvas.”

You have until June 2, 2019 to see the exhibition Who’s Your Mother? Women Artists of P.E.I., 1964 to the Present at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.


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vbj on November 11, 2018 - 15:15 Permalink

Congratulations to Catherine! Will work that is taken into the permanent collection still be on display after the show is over? Here's hoping.