Terminal E

For the past 7 years I’ve been flying in and out of Terminal E at Logan Airport here in Boston. For most of that time, like the rest of Boston’s transportation infrastructure, Terminal E has been under serious renovation. When I visited in January, you could finally begin to see the signs that the construction would be over — new security kiosks were in place, the new departures hall was almost open. And now Air Canada has switched their base at Logan to Terminal C, so I’ll never be able to bear the fruits of my patient meandering through the construction dust. Oh well.

Actually, because Halifax doesn’t [yet?] have U.S. customs pre-clearance, passengers arriving at Logan on Air Canada flights from Halifax are taken by bus to Terminal E. So all is not lost, at least for the time being.

In other Boston transportation news: I took the new northbound I-93 tunnel — the first significant chunk of Boston’s Big Dig to open — north on the way into New Hampshire earlier in the new, and when I returned on Friday I took the Mass Pike right through the Ted Williams Tunnel and into Logan. All of this cuts about 30 minutes — and a lot of confusion — from a the drive between Logan and Yankee.