Television Notes

Ally McBeal, with the injection of Robert Downey Jr., has gone from unwatchabe to completely compelling this season; the entire cast is made better by Downey’s presence. Gideon’s Crossing suffers from the fact that star Andre Braugher is so much better an actor than the rest of the cast that scenes without him are rendered mundane. CBC Election coverage: why don’t they just replace Mansbridge with Diana Swain? Compass, the CBC News for PEI (now called “the Compass portion of CBC News Canada Now”): I’d be happy if they brought back the old theme song and lost the choppy bridge graphics; it’s better at half an hour than it ever was hour-long (a credit to the remaining staff). Eastlink Digital Cable: I went to the Test Drive Weekend… they’re offering a dorky, slow, ugly interactive program guide, a half-dozen extra channels (Court TV, BBC World), and no improvement in picture quality. This was worth waiting for?