Tearseep! (Hello World!)

With the move to the Reinventorium finally complete, and my head-cold-induced fog finally on the wane, it was time to go back to the print shop this afternoon, in part to take the new set of rollers for my Golding Jobber No. 8 for a ride.

John Falstrom of Perennial Designs in Lyme, CT has been of invaluable help with the Golding press: not only as he advised on parts and supplies, but he also custom-fabricates roller cores and trucks for Golding presses, and one of the first things I did from him once my press was in place was to order a set, which John quickly turned around and then forwarded directly out to Ramco Roller Products in San Dimas, CA for covering. The service from both John and from Ramco was fantastic. Here are the rollers themselves:

New Ramco Rollers

And here they are installed on my press:

NOKIA Lumia 800_000087

I wasn’t looking for a deadly serious job to take the rollers out for a ride with, so I opened one of the cigar boxes full of letterpress miscellanea lent to me by Ian Scott, one with a partial alphabet of large metal letters:


I came up with a vaguely-meaningful word to set: tearseep. And then added an exclamation mark. Consider this a sort of “Hello World!” test for the press and the rollers.

TEARSEEP! in the Chase


TEARSEEP! on the Press


(I’m still getting used to the settings on the camera in my new Nokia Lumia 800, so pardon the inconsistent photos!)

The letters in Ian’s cigar box were pretty banged up from years of use, but I sort of like the weathered banged-up look that this results in when they’re printed with.  I only ran off a limited run of 13, which I’ll sent to a random scatterling of subscribers tomorrow.

If you happen to be shopping around for a name for your rock band, I humbly offer TEARSEEP! up as an option, and offer to provide you with all the letterpress-printed collateral materials you’ll need when you go big.


Pedro's picture
Pedro on January 29, 2012 - 23:17 Permalink


The result looks pretty nice!! Just wanted to drop u a hello world too!! hope everything is ok and congratulations on the move! I’m looking forward to see the amazing things coming out of the reinventorium (couldn’t imagine a better name!!).

Cheers from Düsseldorf.

Chris Mears's picture
Chris Mears on February 2, 2012 - 03:24 Permalink

This is really cool to follow along with. I’m really fascinated with letterpress printing and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next post. By the way, those Islander cards were pretty sharp looking.

Valerie's picture
Valerie on February 7, 2012 - 03:29 Permalink

Tearseep made it to the Green Mountain State…I plan on hanging it up in my office to see what people say about it. I’ll keep you posted. Special card was very well received, too! Can’t wait to use it. Envelope deserves special mention.

Daniel Von Fange's picture
Daniel Von Fange on February 7, 2012 - 04:42 Permalink

The mysterious word showed up in the Carolinas today. I put it up on the wall to start conversations with.

And getting an envelope made from an old German topo map is delightful — it’s up on the wall too.

Thanks for all this fun!