Tea House News

In today’s tea house news: the folks at the Formosa Tea House hope to open their new Ellen’s Creek Plaza branch sometime later this week; plans for the Water St. branch have been delayed. Remember that you can take the West Royalty — North River Rd. bus directly to Ellen’s Creek Plaza from downtown Charlottetown.

Dan mentioned last week that he’d heard that the Formosa had a new branch in Halifax; had that confirmed today. It’s in Dartmouth, and they’ve taken over the operation of an existing restaurant. Didn’t get location or hours details.

Catherine reports that she and Oliver had lunch at the new Aing’s Tea House on Grafton Street opposite the Polyclinic. Today is their opening day. There are noodles, stuffed buns, fried rice, and a variety of teas. No word on hours of operation yet. Stay tuned for more.


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Lola on October 27, 2005 - 12:44 Permalink

Does anyone have any details of whereabouts in Dartmouth? Or if the Dartmouth location is even open yet? I live in Halifax and would love to stop by.