T@B Trailer

I saw one of these trailers at a dealership today. It was one of those “holy shit, look at that” moments. Wow.


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Toby on April 2, 2007 - 04:22 Permalink

Jim- The Bambi is exactly what we are looking at, about a 19’ one. One thing about me is: when I get something, I tend to be the idiot that buys all the toys that go with it. If you have ever seen a fully loaded Airstream, it’s almost breath taking. I want the Bambi “Special Edition”. If you want to see something amazing, go look at the 75th anniversary they are selling this year. They will be happy to take your $60k in either cash, money order, or cashiers check. Then you can take it home. We looked at a 24’ with leather everything, an interior liner, cork floors, blah blah blah. We just didn’t have $85,000 on us that day, so we had to leave it at the dealership. We’re down here in Moab tonight, my Verizon wireless card works perfectly with broadband service. So I thought I’d check the board to see who was chatting. The T@B is working quite nicely. Slept like a baby last night. I’m still not sure about making Hanksville this year. Will know more when the time gets close. Happy T@Bbin’ everyone !!!!

Toby in Utah

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is the L lay out is convinient ? or the u lay out is the best ?

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Hi, we are very interested in buying a T@B camper located in eastern Canada — will consider any model. Please contact me at pmichael@eastlink.ca

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I bid and unexpectively won the bidding on EBay of a new 2006 T@B trailer. I really didn’t think I would win. Someone had tried to outbid just before the bidding ended, but wasn’t high enough. I didn’t know I won until I got home from work and checked my email. Boy was I surprised. I picked it up yesterday from the dealer in Ohio. It is the T16-3 model. It has the grey Alufiber skin with Mellow Yellow trim. It has the Norcold 3 way refrigerator (AC, DC and propane), furnace and Northern Breeze fan. L shaped front. The rest is your typical T@B interior. I’ve liked the T@B trailer since I first saw them 3 years ago, but settled on a smaller teardrop trailer which I ordered from Camp Inn. I am happy with the Camp Inn and don’t really need two trailers. There are some advantages to the T@B, some may find over the traditional tear drop trailer. For one you, or at least I, can actually stand up in it and cook inside when the weather is nasty. The T@B pulled fairly easy with my 6 cylinder Ford Ranger. Since I don’t need both campers, I will sell the T@B. It has not yet been camped in. I picked it up yesterday and made the approxiamately 300 mile drive back home to Michigan. I am supposed to get the Ohio title in the mail at which time I will have to pay Michigan sales tax when I regiser it. The taxes will run $600 at that time plus the cost of the license plate/registration. I am willing to sell it for $10,500 if I can sign off the title and sell it without having to register it and pay taxes here in Michigan. If I do have to register and pay taxes, then the asking price will be $11,200. I don’t have a camera for pictures, but I may be able to attach photos of the trailer from the ebay listing. If you know T@B trailers, then you know the layout. The factory warranty just started yesterday, 4/13. Email me if you are serious. I will do my best to answer all. Michigan residents or others close by, may stop by to view the trailer.

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Have a 2006 Add A Room tent for sale. Just bought a T@B, came with a brand new, unopened & unused tent. We are open to offers on the tent, & would consider a T@B awning as partial trade.
Thank you,

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i would like to buy a T@B in Belgium, Germany or Holland. Anyone knows good dealers ? I’d also prefer to buy one second hand.

Thank you,

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For sale: T@B 2005 T16 aluminium jolt gray U lay.
It is full equip with a/c, aluminium rims and tent. We added direct wather connection and outside gaz connection (snap-on) for BBq.
I live near Montreal Canada
Price: 12,900$ canadian dollars

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Hey if anybody ist interested in buying a T@B in Europe.
My brother owns Caravan Budde in Sennelager, Germany. He ships worldwide and can help you with anything camping related.
His name is Lars Budde and the company phone # from US is 01149-5254-2307 and from Germany 05204-2307.Right now he can also get his hands on the new T@B Offroad.

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I made an oops on the phone # above to Caraven Budde. From Germany you dial 05254-2307.

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HI. I have a VW Beetle and the dealership says that VW says the recommended towing weight for this vehicle is 0 pounds but i have seen a couple of pictures with a bug towing the t@b and wondered if there were any readers out there that have a bug and if they have had any problems with it. I am very interested in buying a t@b but want to make sure that my car can handle it. Very interested in hearing from people that have one or know someone who has one or anyone who might know some actual “hands on” information so that I can ease my mind before purchasing the trailer. All the dealerships say that my car can handle it but then I am afraid they are just trying to make the sale! PLease respond if you have any info. thanks so much, Tammy

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Tammy, If you don’t have a six cyllinder engine, I doubt you’ll be able to tow it. I have a toyata tacoma six cyllider with 4 -wheel drive and have hard times getting up hill sometimes. You’ll need close to 2000 lb tow capacity. What does anyone else think? Jim

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Tammy, I agree with Jim. I don’t think I’d do it. A four cylinder won’t get you far with a Tab. It weighs 1,500 lbs plus whatever you load into it. I’m not a mechanic. But if your vehicle says tow limit is zero, you may even void your warrantee. Maybe some more detail would help. How far do you plan to tow it? Just to the State Park 10 miles away? Is your transmission manaul or automatic? It would put a large stress on an automatic that’s for sure. Any hills or mountains would be very difficult too. Maybe you could look at a smaller unit like “The Little Guy”. I saw some of those little trailers and they look really fun too. Although I like my Tab a lot.

Paul L.
Layton, Utah

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Actually Paul, I was told from the dealer that with a four cylinder its better to tow with an automatic transmission. I believe that to be true, because for the first time in my life I needed to have a new clutch which I’m sure I used up backing up my t@B..

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It really depends on the size of the motor. I pulled my T@B all over the Adirondack mountains for 3 years with a ‘03 Nissan 4cyl Pickup truck with a standard transmission. The tow limit is 3500#. Worked very well.
Paul from NY

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Tammy, Of course I can’t find it now (no longer there) but I remember seeing a photo of a Beetle pulling a T@B in front of the Coliseum in Rome on the German website at www.tab-out-of-line.de. The photo had the note in small letters “with turbo option” which could be a European option. The Tabbert company even has a scale model of a T@B with a Beetle which I’ve seen on the website and at a dealer once in Saratoga, NY. The Beetle is built for milage I’m sure so I’m sure it’s geared high through the rear end and transmission and not geared for towing.
Paul from NY

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My husband and I just bought a new T@B (clamshell) after falling in love with it instantly at a dealership in Fontana Ca.
He towed it up to the high desert with our 1997 S10 Chevy pickup (4 cyl). I was not there for this maneuver but this pickup tends to stuggle uphill without towing anything. I am a bit concerned about our first trip that we are planning in June. We will just go to the San Diego area for a test run. We plan to do the Walmart for sleeping and beachside during the day thing. Will we need a generator as a backup for this trip?
Also, we want to go to Baja in the fall. If anyone has tips for us we would appreciate hearing from you. We have never rv’d before so we could use some help.
Gabi and Uli

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Gabi and Uli,

If your traveling as opposed to camping in one spot for a long time, whenever you are on the road, your battery will recharge in 90 minutes if properly connected. If you conserve, it will last 3 days while camping. You want to make sure you always have power in the battery because the refrigerator uses a little 12v power even on gas. I’ve always used two batteries connected in parallel myself. Use gas for the refrigerator while stopped and switch to 12v off the vehicle while on the road. Of course use 120v if hooked up. If you are hooked up to 120v, your battery will take overnight to charge. Carry an extra tank of propane so you’ll always have one hooked up while your looking to get the empty filled. As long as you have bathroom facilities someplace, you can travel all summer this way. As I stated earlier, I did use a 4 cyl for 3 years but now have a 6 cyl with 6000# capacity and it doesn’t even know the T@B is back there.
Paul from NY

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Gabe and Uli:

I too fell in love with my Tab at first sight. I bought it two days later. It was used. I had to get used to the fact that I just go slower when I’m towing it. It seems to push a lot of wind. That said, it’s been really fun. Perfect for the beach trips you mention. I do Walmart camping too. And I have been to Baja more times than I can count. You should have a great time down there. Especially with a four cylinder truck, just plan on going slower. The roads in Baja are very narrow, no shoulders. It’s a little tricky for towing. Just be careful, go slow, and get Mexican auto insurance (You know your American insurance is no good down there, right?). For more on Baja, Google Fred Metcalf’s Baja site. It has a wealth of good info. The toll road costs more for autos with trailers. It was $3.60 per toll booth without a trailer last time I went through in December of 2006. There are a few Walmarts that do not allow overnight stays. None in your area that I’m aware of. Check my website (link is in here somewhere) for a trip report on Big Bear Lake and Baja weekend. As NY Paul says, be sure your tow vehicle has the round 7 pin connection with wiring to the alternator. My tow vehicle only has a flat four, and it does NOT charge while towing. The dealer did not volunteer that information when I bought it.

One thing Tab owners are getting surprised on is the dolly wheel tends to loosen & fall to the down position and get all ground up by the road. To be safe you should consider holding it up with a heavy bungee cord or something. A lot of them are doing that. Remember if you run the battery dead your propane heater and propane fridge will not work either. They need electric fans working to be operable. Have a great time. email me or post on the Yahoo Tab group site with specific questions.

Paul L.
Layton, UT
Tabuddah #00003

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Anyone selling a used T@B in the Pacific North West?

I’d be interested if you are. I live near Seattle. Thanks!

Albert @ ahcha@excite.com

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Thank you to both Pauls for their responses to our concerns. We will definitely get something to hold up our dolly wheel! We were told by the dealer that our battery is hooked up in a way that should charge while we are driving. Neither one of us is mechanically talented, so I’m not sure if this is something we could easily verify?
We were not aware that the fridge could also operate on gas. Could you tell us how to apply this conversion?
It’s great to get such instant and detailed support from people. Love this site!
Gabi and Uli

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Paul on May 17, 2007 - 16:31 Permalink

Gabi & Uli,
There is a Norcold refrigerator which is 3 way and operates on 120V, 12V or gas and there is another option which does not have all 3. If you have the 3 way option you’ll see at the top 3 buttons, one with a 120v plug graphic, a battery graphic and a flame graphic. There is a couple of tricks to get the gas operating properly. You need to start on gas while the fridge is “hot” that is previously running on 120v or 12v. Turn the temperature knob to start, all the way clockwise. Now, make sure the gas tank is on and light the stove for a few seconds. This gets the gas flowing in the right direction. Push the “gas” button at the top and then hold the light button in. You’ll heat clicking sound while the unit tries to light. You may have to hold the light button in for a minute or two before you see the green light stay on when you release the light button. When the green light stays lit after releasing the light button, turn the temperature dial counter clock wise to about 6 or 7 o’clock position. If you forget this step and leave it on start, the fridge won’t work. Any higher than 7 o’clock and you’ll have a freezer. Side note. I tie my dolly wheel with a piece of rope around the frame every time. I had to order a new one from Dutchmen for $45.00 when it dropped and hit the road at 60 mph. The plastic wheel won’t last long at that speed.
Paul from NY

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Does any

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Does anyone know where to order accessories for the T@b? We’ve searched online and haven’t had any luck. Specifically, we’re wondering if the offroad parts from european model are available. Body cladding, gas can holders, bash guards, spare tire holder, luggage holders, etc.

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Southern Ontario Rental?

We are looking to rent a T@B for 3 or 4 days starting July 14.
Will travel between Windsor Ontario and Peterborough Ontario to pick up and drop off.

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Toby on May 31, 2007 - 18:05 Permalink

You can contact the T@B factory, in Goshen, Indiana at 574-534-1224, ask for the parts department. I have ordered the T@B snowflakes (the little flower stickers) for my tab and they arrived at my Utah home in about 1 week. They were easy to deal with. -Toby

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Now I know I’m not the only one to make this mistake, but I left the brake on the T@B for about 15 miles at about 35 MPH. How can I check it to make sure it is still in good shape? Toby, Paul, other Paul, anyone else?

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I think I would pull a wheel to inspect the lining to make sure they aren’t burned then pull the unit yourself (not on a car hitch) on level ground with the brake off then pull it with the brake on to see if it is holding. As to the surge working, the inspection station in my state wonders how to check that, don’t know of a way myself. I don’t think you could have done any damage to the surge cylinder in the hitch so if they work mechanically they should be okay. Of course you could take it to a dealer for a price.

Paul from New York.

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Anyone know of a T@B owners’ club in the Northeast US (we’re in PA) that organizes camping rallies? It would be neat to “see” all the creative ways others have altered the Little FunMobile.

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I have a 2005 T@B trailer (L shaped) that I am interested in selling if anyone out there is interested. It is white with red trim. It has been to the coast twice and is in perfect condition.

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I was looking at the prices people paid for t@b trailers on here back in 2004. On the order of 9-10K. I just placed an order for one for 13.2K plus tax and license in So. California, shopped around and thought this was a great deal, as the initial price encountered was 15.4K. Now I am starting to wonder. Not like buying a car where the MSRP is posted on a window sticker or available on line. I ordered a red exterior/white trim, tent room, cover, NO A/C and no stereo, but with 3 way fridge and pretty much everything else (The T-16Q). For those who bought one this year, is this a good price, and if not, how would I find out the “Real MSRP”? Seems like I got an OK deal but I think it is too much. Comments?

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Jim on June 10, 2007 - 01:02 Permalink

That price sounds good to me. I bought my 2006 Orange Crush for close to that price after tax etc about a year ago. why didn’t you get the stereo? Make sure you pay close attention to the directions they give you when you first get the T@B. It is sure to have bugs that need to be worked out. Check every single detail before you leave the dealership.

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Bill on June 10, 2007 - 07:50 Permalink


Omitted the stereo because we generally bring an i-Pod and its docking station along, plus a laptop to play movies. Also omitted A/C, as we have been traveling in a VW Westfalia van and have never camped anywhere with a hookup that would run A/C, and have been sleeping without A/C for years. Are thae any shortcomings I should be aware of with the T@b anyone? I think it’s a cool rig, and basically will use it to haul our stuff, and once set up, to sleep in and warm up our morning coffee, and for that purpose it’s all we need. Plus it looks really cool in red with white trim!

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Paul on June 13, 2007 - 16:06 Permalink

To bring it all into prospective, the prices quoted above are indeed good for a T@B however: A good quality 18’ to 20’ Sunline, Jayco, Coachman, and etc run at about 13K also for fully self contained units. The price for a T@B is what we pay for 1300# as opposed to 3500#. Sorry but I just traded my T@B for a new 20’ camper with 40 gal water, outside and inside shower, toilet, solid maple cabinets, AC, hot water heater, 2 door freezer/fridge, oven, furnace, radio with 4 speakers, double sink, couch, permanent double bed, microwave, etc. (3800#). I hate to leave the Tabbers but as we got older it’s nice to get up in the middle of the night without involving shoes and flashlights. Excellent trade in too, The day we picked up the new trailer, the T@B was sold before we finished our orientation.
Happy Tabbing,
Paul from New York

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Jim on June 14, 2007 - 05:16 Permalink

Palu, I hope you keep following this site, because you have been a great help with your comments. Jim

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Paul on June 14, 2007 - 15:17 Permalink

Thank you Jim, I will. We’ll miss the T@B and I must say it was difficult to find a trailer with the same quality as a T@B You see a lot of staples, fiberglass and pressboard. Sunline is the only coach that has the same quality and workmanship and they closed their doors last November because they couldn’t compete in a market which wants big and light which translates to staples, fiberglass and pressboard. We were fortunate to find a new Sunline T-1950 for 13.5K.
Paul From New York

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Brian on June 20, 2007 - 14:49 Permalink

I have a 2004 T-16 T@B for sale in the Minneapolis area if anyone is interested. It’s a “mello yellow” and has the u-shaped layout, 3-way fridge, no A/C. It is in good shape and we are asking $8000.00. Go here for a couple of pics….


Send me an email if you would like to see it… briankbrouwer@yahoo.com

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I’d love to find a good used T@b—T161 preferably—any ideas on best dealers for new? The sticker price is pretty rich—I’m looking for a DEAL!!

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Linda on June 27, 2007 - 14:19 Permalink

let me know if you have a good used T@b for sale preferably in Mid-West (Iowa??) Thx, chastain@grm.net

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Chuck on June 27, 2007 - 22:59 Permalink

Hi-have enjoyed the T@B comments. We love our “Tabby” but must sell because of health reasons after only two trips. We have a 2006 Silver U shaped floor plan with almost all the options plus some added ones and a transferable 4 year warranty left on it. We have over $14,000 in it and would like to get$12,000 as the NADA guide says that is what it is worth average retail. It is above average. We live in Illinois, anyone interested? Could send pictures and set up a delivery point if necessary. Thanks, happy camping Chuck, haudi8@frontier net.net

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Chris & Steph on July 4, 2007 - 01:47 Permalink

We live in Denali Alaska and just bought a used T@B this weekend. We are in love! Got a great deal but we have some things to fix. First, our 110 line doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I am concerned the converter is out. Any suggestions? Also, our heater is making a lot of noise. How noisy are they normally?

We just spent a few days out in it though and had a great time. Very happy to be joining the Tabbers!


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I am a potential T@bber but would like some advice from those of you who have had yours for a while and who have more experience with trailers in general.

I am looking for something to tow cross country and back (about 7000 miles total) with a V6 midsize SUV. I have 2 vehicle choices: good condition 1994 Isuzu Trooper manual transmission with 5000 lb tow maximum; or, 2006 Saturn Vue automatic trans with 3500 lb tow max. Interestingly those 2 vehicles get about the same gas mileage without towing. I was told by a couple different people that they thought I would get better mpg with the Trooper due to the manual trans and it’s taller height, minimizing wind drag. Any thoughts?

The planned road trip entails a bit of national and state park camping, but mostly driving to visit family and friends. We initially thought we would just motel it — actually the more cost effective choice — but we like the idea of random stops and starts without all the planning ahead, as well as not having to pack and unpack every day. There are 2 adults and 1 child, so the T@B size is about right. I would prefer a bathroom and a tiny bit more space, but with gas prices where they are I’m wanting to limit the weight as much as possible. I haven’t found other trailers to compare at this weight and price range — maybe you have some suggestions? I would be purchasing the T@B for the purpose of this trip only. If I was not traveling so far, I would be considering a bit larger trailer with a few more ammenities. Is the T@B worth a one trip purchase? Is the resale good enough to make this a reasonable choice?

Your input is welcome!

Linda in Idaho

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Paul on July 12, 2007 - 15:17 Permalink

I’ve pulled a T@B with a 4cyl Nissan truck with a capacity of 3500# and a 6cyl Nissan truck with a 5000# capacity. Both pulled well and the latter pulled it without any effort at all. The 4cyl was slowed down on big hills.
T@B’s do seem to hold their value but are in a class by themsleves where weight is a priority. The cost of a T@B both new and used are in line with a fully self contained 20’ trailer which weigh on the average of about 4000#. As long as the demand for light is there you should be able to sell the T@B. We loved our T@B for 3 years. I recently traded mine and it was sold the day I picked up the new trailer before I was ready to pull the new trailer away.
Paul from New York

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Linda on July 14, 2007 - 23:42 Permalink

Thank you for your input, Paul. Hearing your experience helps to make the choices easier. After a week of extensive shopping around both on the internet and in person I have pretty much concluded that the T@B is what I need. There really are no other choices in this weight class, as you stated, and the price of safety and the ease of towability cannot be ignored. I have had several conversations with friends who have said they thought they would get out camping more often if they could tow a small trailer with their cars. So, I think I could sell it after our trip, but now I’m thinking about renting it out or starting a trailer co-op (I of course have to purchase it first!). I SO wish that someone I knew already had one and was willing to rent it out (or someone within 300 miles was selling a used one)! The only things available for rent are mammoth sized gas hogs or pop-up trailers…. Thanks for the information and I hope to soon be counted among the T@bbers.

Linda in Idaho

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Emilie on July 15, 2007 - 06:18 Permalink

Does anybody know if it is possible to use the Add a Room Tent with the 2007 T-16CS? We were at the dealership today, and they Clamshell model that we want is comes with the tent. According to the manufacturer’s web-site, the CS model isn’t compatible, but the dealership says it is.
Emilie in Utah.

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Chuck on July 15, 2007 - 16:54 Permalink

The 2006 T@B is still for sale. We have had a few inquiries, but nothing serious. If the $12,000 price tag is the problem, we need to sell, any reasonable offer will be entertained. Too bad someone is not enjoying the summer camping season with it. Let’s talk.
Chuck in Illinois

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Heather on July 17, 2007 - 17:45 Permalink

We live in Saskatchewan Canada and are looking for a good used clamshell. Does anyone know of one.

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izzy on July 21, 2007 - 07:31 Permalink

T@b Launches larger RV?!?!?!

I was wondering around the web today and I noticed the iCamp which looks just like the T@b but has a shower and toilet built in. Then I re-checked the T@B website and looks like they just launched a new larger version of the T@b called the T@DA. Check it out http://www.tada-rv.com.

What do you think?

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jeff on July 24, 2007 - 21:49 Permalink

My wife and I bought a T@B cs module this summer from Tom Johson rv. Fully loaded with gas heat, ac heat pump, fridge, fan, cover and add a room tent for $13200.

The manufature claims the add a room tent will not work with the CS model as it is a different size from other models. We plan on trying it anyway!

We can get about 3-4 nights off the battery with out using the fridge or heat. We used candles mostly for light if we were just hanging out. We like candle light better. We did use the fan and radio a lot, lights if we cooked and the sink daily.

Once we had drained the battery, we found 5 hours of driving was not enough to fully recharge. However, plugged in overnight did seem to completely recharge the battery.

It is easy to tow with our Xterra. It has been my wife’s first towing experience. She had no problems. Hope this helps!

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Paul on July 25, 2007 - 16:20 Permalink

Check the charging system hookup or maybe the size of the alternator in the Xterra. Over 3 seasons I would charge the battery fully in less than 90 minutes of driving my Frontier (same as the Xterra) or overnight plugged into 120v. I even ran the car at the campsite plugged into the camper to charge the battery when needed and never took more than 90 min to charge two batteries. I used two batteries hooked up in parallel and found 5 nights using lights/heat/fan and all as required. My T@B had a gas/12V/120v refrigerator.
Paul from New York