T@B Trailer

I saw one of these trailers at a dealership today. It was one of those “holy shit, look at that” moments. Wow.


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John C:

I have had my Tab only since March, or nine months. I have towed it 1600 miles (round trip) on trips and not had any problems other than the battery going dead on me. And I don’t have a 7 pin plug to charge it on the road. I have a flat 4 which only operates the tail lights. So I have to plug it in to recharge. Well, let’s see, I did once have an issue with the furnace not lighting. I took it back to the dealer — he knew RV’s inside & out. He said just vacuum around the orofice area, it’s just a little clogged. And he was exactly right. It’s worked fine ever since.

Just a thought here — RV’s & trailers are not like a home. The mechanical parts are light and breakable. Don’t expect them to hold up with a lot of bumping & grinding, like on bad roads, or with rowdy youngsters. Keep checking them for wear and tear. When I tow, I slow way down to 60 or 65. That helps too. I may have one of the worst made tabs — It’s serial number is #00003. Yes, the third one ever made. And I still really like it. I heard of a ceiling delamination problem on some units. That may be only in warmer climates, I’m not sure. I like the old K.I.S.S. theory (keep it simple, Sam). And these units are fairly simple. It pushes a little wind on the highway, so my mileage drops 25% or so. But that’s not bad for a 6 cylinder. Any other questions, give me a holler. I’m Tabuddah over on the Yahoo group.

Layton, Utah

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thankyou,for all the info.

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Message for Dale regarding wheel locking up.

There is a brake adjustment slot on the back side of the wheel the same as on older model cars with drum brakes. Use a break adjustment tool to “tweak” the tension of the brake pad against the drum. Do this with the parking brake handle in the down position.
It may be necessary to do this more than once until you reach a point where the pad releases each and every time. This problem is caused by the brake pad adjustment being too tight. Moisture from rain can accumulate and cause the drum and pad to rust to each other also due to being adjusted too tight. For more information contact ALKO, the manufacturer, at 574-294-6651

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Ok boys and girls, I just sat and read EVERY email since this site started. I HAvE to have a T@B, an upgrade from my Tear. Does anyone have one used? I went to the Factory in August, great place if you ever get a chance to go. I’m on the East Coast. Thanks for any help. sbb

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After reading all the emails and visiting an RV dealer, we are hooked but I would like a used T@B and I can’t find one. Does anyone have suggestions on where I could find a used one for sale on the West Coast?
Thanks for all your help, DJ

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My name is S

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We bought our T@B in April. We bought the L floor plan for the extra storage. It is not for everyone! I am 5’8” and I would say that is the tallest you can be to use the bed in the L plan as you sleep side to side. We pull it with a 2001 PT Cruiser and have had no problems. We travelled 1200 miles in B.C., Washington and Idaho this summer. In North America they say a PT can only pull 1000 pounds but in England you can pull 2000 pounds. It either has to do with gearing or a shorter warranty in England. When I was rigging up, I went to AAMCO for a transmission cooler and they said the Chrysler factory installation was all that was needed. We have added a K&N air intake system and it has improved performance in the mountains at the expense of being not as quiet as the factory unit. A tip to get the 3-way fridge going, is to light the stove first. This gets the air out of the piping and the fridge then lights more readily. Always check that the tonque jack is securely locked in the up position or it may vibrate down and the tire will contact the road. It happened to me fortunately with no damage. The T@B is generally well made but I did put some extra sealing around the wheel wheels as there was some puckering of the plastic panels and I did not want any leakage as I want to keep it a long long time. Best of the Season! Rick McCaig

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I am selling my 2006 T@B due to health reasons, only used twice. The following lists the floor plan and options. I have pictures to send if you contact me at mcmemo@comcast.net

We will consider delivery

Jolt Grey
U-Shape floor plan with 70

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Happy New Year fellow T@bbers and all of those interested in the T@B! Now you can rent a T@B in the San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning this month, Hardtent RV Rental will offer the European-designed ultralight T@B Travel Trailer for rental. The T@B is equipped with

-extra-wide queen bed
-A/C and heat
-dining seating for five
-stainless steel sink
-XM RadioTM satellite AM/FM radio
-two burner gas stove

The T@B can be towed by any vehicle with a towing capacity of 2000 pounds or more, including some four-cylinder cars. With its light weight, the T@B is easy for beginner campers to manage and more fuel efficient to tow than larger trailers. The T@B allows customers to set up camp and then use their vehicle to explore, an advantage over motorhomes.

Hardtent provides

-home or office delivery
-organic linens
-24 hour customer assistance
-mess kits and cooking supplies
-complete illustrated trailer guide
-additional optional equipment.

Please visit Hardtent’s website at http://www.hardtent.com or call (1-800-505-6955) or email us (info@hardtent.com) for further information about Hardtent RV Rental or the T@B Travel Trailer. Thank you.

Josh & Julie Hanft
Hardtent RV Rental
P.O. Box 472
Corte Madera, CA 94976
toll-free: 1-800-505-6955
ph: 415-264-2828
fax: 415-383-7348

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Anybody renting T@B in the Los Angeles area?
I want to rent it for Feb.

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Hello: We have a 2006 T@B T16 and we love it. We will be having our grandsons spending the summer with us and we want to travel with them. In order to use it with them we need to find a “ADD ON TENT” to make additional sleeping room. Does anyone have a tent that hooks onto the T@B they are not useing and would like to sell. “OR” any ideas !!!!!!! Please e-mail me if you do or if you have any ideas.

Art DeVriendt

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In June of 2006 We just finished a 14,867 mile trip from Michigan to S.C. and then to Az, and then Washington State then going into the Youkon then into Alaska. Not one minute of trouble with the T@B and we pulled it with a 2005 Envoy getting 12-14 MPH. It was the trip of a lifetime and took us 2 months and 4 days. I would now like to find a tent for the side of the T@B because we are going to start camping with the grandsons and need just a little extra room. Anyone having or knowing where I could buy a side tent for the T@B please e-mail me at:

Art DeVriendt
e-mail: bigdog@usol.com
Thank you !

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to get side room call t@b parts ask for the new screen room special got mind for 600.00 Much better than the old one

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Some useful interchanges about T@bs—thanks. We’re interested in a T@b, but are not willing/able to pay the very high price for a new one. So if anyone has a lightly used one for sale at a lesser price, please contact me. We’d want the large bed (70x80?), a furnace, 3-way frig, & kitchen stuff inside (not clamshell). We live in the Seattle area, so would definitely prefer WA, OR, ID, MT, or northern CA locations.

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Re: Dealers in Europe. That’s where the T@B was born!

I know I’ve seen a T@B dealer in Madrid. Below is the link to the German website (Tabbert) where you can find dealers all over Europe.

Good Luck from
La Coruna, Spain (for the moment)
Paul from New York


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Dont know why some of you guys are complaining about the price. Have just ordered new T@B in UK -cost

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Anyone wanting a GREAT DEAL on a Screen room/Tent made just for the T@B ???. Well I have looked all over and priced all kinds of make shift tents as well as the “FEW” that are made for the T@B. T@B now offers one made by Therma-rest and they have it on sale till Feb 28, 2007 for $900. Others quoated me $1,985. Well there is also another one made just for the T@B and after spending hours on the phone with the Sales Manager of the company (Pah-aque camping he gave me a special deal. The price we agreed on was only $419.00 including tax’s however it is $45.45 shipping. After hagling with him he said he would have his computer people change their web site to reflect a “SALE” for one week. The sale would be for the T@B tent at $419.00. This tent is made especially for the T@B and hooks onto the T@B via the channel that runs around the door side of the trailer. It has a fender or bottom skirt to seal off the bottom on the trailer, It has a floor that comes with it now also. The sides have zip in screens and flaps to drop down at night for sleeping and privacy. It has two doors, This tent has everything you could want as well as a steal of a price for one week only. Here is the info if anyone wants to get in on this one week special price. Contact the sales manager (Name is “JR” )and he will answer every question you may have, hes great to talk to and eager to please.

Web address: www.pahaque.com
Sales Manager: “JR”
Phone #: 888-700-8368
e-mail: jrthrasher@pahaque.com

I have looked or talked to every T@B tent I could possibally find and thisis the greatest one I found and much much cheeper. Mine will be delivered in 4-6 days to my front door.


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FOR SALE…………………2006 “horseshoe” design T@B Trailer. It has A/C, refig w/ high altitude kit, Portable toilet, Stereo, Heater & Heat Pump, Northern Breeze Fan, Awning Kit (never used), aluminum rims w/spare tire. It’s the brushed aluminum finish exterior so no paint to go bad. I’ve used it only 3 times last year.
On-line Image…..

I paid $15K for it and I’ll take $12K now. That’s a firm number. I can’t afford to give it away.

I live in Oakdale, California.

E-mail me at Tree_Sloth@mac.com

Thanks and Happy Camping…….. Brian

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We live in Layton, Utah also. Our T@B is the first trailer that we have ever owned. I am pulling with with an old 1994 Ford Ranger 4X4 that was kept in very good condition, but has about 200,000 miles on it. We have only got to use our T@B one time so far (not including the backyard camping trips, ha ha). Shortly after purchase, being a kid a heart, I just had to take it out for one use before the dead of winter started. It still got down to 10 degrees where we went for the night, but the T@B’s heater kept us toasty warm. We did build a little moisture around the windows, but it was not a problem at all. I have lots of friends with the big fancy trailers, with the showers, bath’s, satelite TV, blah blah blah. Infact one of them openly laughed at me for spending so much on my 2007 T@B. Never the less, I am not bothered by this. I bought my tab on purpose, not by accident. I do still need to get the awning and add a room tent, then I will be set. Im really excited to own it. For anyone who is looking, my local dealer in Sunset, Utah currently has about 6 or 7 of them available, 3 of which are the harder to find “clam shell” units. For those of you looking for used units…..good luck my friends, once people get a tab, the keep thier tab. I know I will.

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One more thing. Anyone who might have a really good inside lead on the T@B Tent, please let me know. I have read the awning idea’s with the rope, and it seem’s pretty easy. Also, going to make my unit “city water” friendly. On my last post, my email addy got a little bit messed up. Any comments or suggestions would be really appreciated. tobyray20@msn.com

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Does anyone know where you can buy a cover for a T@B?-the type that goes all over and protects it from the snow etc. Also they tell me there is a TAB XL with double axle- does anyone have any details?

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Morgan, I think about the only place your going to find a T@B cover is at your T@B dealer. All I can say is, when you ask your dealers’ parts department the price, you better be sitting down. I live in Utah, and I have been hearing that you should not cover the T@B up in damp area’s due to the fact that it traps the moisture in. From what I understand, the cover should only really be used in extreamly dusty area’s and maybe where there is a lot of sun issues (Phoenix, Az). The T@B’s alufiber skin is not like most “skins” of R.V.’s. I’m not covering my T@B by recomendation of my salesman. I have seen pics of the extended T@B. They are double axled yes. I hear they are only available in the UK/Germany/France area, not in the U.S. Happy T@Bbin’!!!! My first trip “out” is going to be to Moab, Utah on March 30th. I’m counting the days like a 5yr. old.

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Just ordered a T16 original u shaped, awning, 3-way fridge, furnace , cover, screen door, porta-potti.
T-dye design with white exterior and Orange Crush trim to go with a bright orange Jeep Wrangler.
I can hardly wait !!! Seems well built to me from what I see in other RV’s. Plan to pay for it by charging $2 for tour. LOL

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We bought our Tab last year and enjoyed a season of camping. Only complaint is floor space, we have two Shelties that we share our bed with. The porta potty option is not doable, where do you put it when you want to use it. We would like to bring our grandchildren with us but there is no room for them to sleep. The workmanship of these trailers is not very good for the price you pay for them, we paid 18000.00 for ours. We are having a few warranty repairs done this year and hope they last. The trailer is ideal for small tight campsites, easy to maneuver into spots. Towing it is good, not too much stress on the vehicle.We are looking forward to another season of camping . Any one out there with feedback on adding an awning and or a tent.

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Hi,my first question is for Ralph. Just ordered a u shaped t@b and I’m also going to be towing it with my jeep. So I can’t wait to here from you how it handles. Also, for Don and Cathy. The reason we bought it this year is that they have found a new company to provide them with an add a room tent wich was a must for when my daughter(and friends) would come with us and also for the added space.

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To Don and Cathy,
We’re about to start our 4th season with our T@B. First, the price sounds a little steep. I just saw new ones in Syracuse and the (asking) price was 13k at a show. Lucky I guess but our 04 hasn’t given us any problems. We mostly stay at state campsites without facility hookups. I use an extra battery hooked up in parallel and they last 5 days ++. We’ve also used their bathrooms during the day but have a dome tent set up along side the T@B with the Port-a-potti inside for night use. Works well. We have the awning and a tent would be nice (too pricy) but with just the two of us not necessary.

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After three seasons, if I got $2.00 per tour the T@B would be paid for. People come around while I’m setting up but I’m sure you in this forum have all seen this yourselves. In those three seasons camping in New York State, I’ve only seen two others. One pulled by a Jeep from Colorado and the other pulled by an Outback from California. Impressive.
Paul from New York.

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We just bought our T@B at the Sunset, Utah dealer. We talked the price down to 13250.00. We were hoping that we didn’t get ‘taken to the cleaners’. After reading Paul’s comment on the 13K price at the RV show we’re not sure! We didn’t get the TV, but did get the air conditioner, queen size bed, AM/FM stereo/CD player, and the bigger 3-way fridge. We also got the tent. We don’t think we’ll use it that much, but it will be nice when we do. We also bought the Yamaha 2400 generator. Does anyone have any problems with this generator? It’s rated as one of the quietest and that’s what we really want. There’s nothing more annoying than getting away from it all only to have a noisy generator running! We bought a ‘shower tent’ that we’re going to use as a shower and also to put the porta potty in. If anyone is interested in one of these (it’s quite nice and a roomy 3’ x 3’) we bought ours at Sams Club for $36.50. We’re going to take our ‘maiden voyage’ next weekend,we’ll let you all know how that goes.

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Dave- $13,250 is pretty good on your T@B. I bought mine at the same dealer. (Tyson was my salesman) If you got the tent with it (a $950 value) you did pretty well. I paid about the same, but didn’t get the tent, but I have the grey skin, A/C, blah blah. I bought a Honda 3000 watt generator, and it powers my A/C with ease. That Yamaha is a VERY nice power unit, and it is very quiet. Mine is right in line with that one, they are “campground rated”. Idea that I have, is to put a 3-sided box around over the unit, and leave the open side faced away from the camsite to project the little bit of noise it does make away from us. This will also make for shelter for the unit if that unexpected rain storm starts in the night. (I will have the unit chained to a tree & locked to keep an honest person honest) For the most part, we camp up around Lower Provo, and Montie Cristo. Other then a ‘lil bit of recharging, and maybe running our microwave for a few moments, I dont see us putting a lot of hours on this generator. We have never used an A/C up there in the past. Thus we wont be making a lot of noise. We may be having to try the shower tent idea, can’t go wrong for $36.50. Does anyone else dream about thier tab? Should I seek help? HAPPY T@BBIN’ EVERYONE !!!

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Toby — Thanks for the info. We will try the ‘box’ idea over the generator, and will certainly chain it up too! Sounds like you must have a pretty tiny microwave! I mean there’s no room for an extra pair of shoes let alone a microwave, ha ha! But I think it would be pretty handy to have. Does anyone out there have any other ‘must haves’ that we should know about? Yes, we’re dreaming about our TAB too! I think it’s incurable, sorry. Just to let you know if you’re really interested in the shower, it is a ‘one time purchae’ and they were getting pretty low at the Riverdale location, so I wouldn’t hesitate if you want one. Thanks again for the info.

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Paul on March 19, 2007 - 22:02 Permalink

to Barb and Dave,
You did get a pretty good deal on the T@B. The 13k show price didn’t include and AC. I find that for 13k we can get about a 23 footer with a bathroom in many other brands. It must be the under 2000# class that’s desireable and holds the T@B price.

Paul from NY

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I am interested in buying a TAB — will consider any model but the Clam Shell. Prefer a fully loaded — non smoker — no pets trailer. I am in Oklahoma City. Please contact me at 2belrita@cox.net. Thanks

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I won’t exactally tell how I got this information, but I found out how much the dealers out west are actually paying Thor for the basic T@B units (non clam-shell) without all the “toys” in them. $9,500. Wow. The dealers sure do make some nice change for them. GRRRRR !!! Oh well, I still love my T@B.

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Well, someone wanted to see the inside of our T@b so much that they forced open one of the windows while it was still latched. We’d had it open slightly for ventilation. Fortunately they didn’t do any real damange as they could also have tried to force the door. But they did snap off three of the little black plastic latches on the sill. I’ve sent an email to dutchman about replacements but so far have had no answer. Does anyone have an information where to get replacments for items such as this?

Our T@b has the L shaped kitchen counter with the small overhead cabinets above the counter. We are wanting to do two things, put in a cleanable backsplash behind the counter up to the underside of the cabinets and also put in an additional open shelf under the cabinets. Anyone done this and if so could you share information.

One thing to share with all of you. We noticed when we first got our T@b that the corners and edges of the cabinet interiors and other woodwork edges get dinged alot. So, we bought several of those self adhesive plastic corner protectors that you use to protect wallpapered corners in your house (available in the wall coverings section of the large home improvement stores). We cut them to fit the various wooden edges and installed them. It looks nice and helps keep the edges protected from scrapes and dings.

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I bought a part from Dutchmen by calling 574-537-0700 and emailed to cwood@dutchmenmfg.com. I found pretty good service once I could convey to them what it was I needed. Try the phone number first.

Good idea with those protectors. I used brass corner furniture protectors myself on some corners.

Good luck with the parts.
Paul from New York

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Toby, I’m really interested in that 3000 watt Honda generator. Does it keep everything charged for quite awhile. Can you run a TV etc. How much noise does it make? How much do they cost? Where can you get one for a good price, and would you recommend getting one if you never stay in RV parks and campgrounds but park in the sticks? I would greatly appreciate the info. Thanks in advance. jim

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Scott on March 28, 2007 - 06:26 Permalink

We’re getting our gently used ‘06 T@b this weekend from a dealer in MI… paid $10,125 off an eBay BIN listing. Probably could’ve talked it down a bit more, but i’m still happy considering it’s got a/c & the norcold…

Speaking of dreaming? My “customize” list just keeps growing! Thanks for great ideas. I’ll be taking it out on its maiden voyage mid-April… hoorah!

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Paul on March 28, 2007 - 18:27 Permalink

I’d love a generator myself and use one at home (7500w) for emergencies. Here’s what I found camping. In New York anyway you need an EPA approved Generator for campsites or they are not allowed. They’re noise and spark controlled. They are the only quiet ones for camping. State campsites only allow certain hours for use. Two hours around 11 am and two around 7 pm I believe. Private sites may allow more but most private sites I found have electricity with the site. A 3000 watt for T@B camping is big. A small TV will draw maybe 200 watts two lights maybe another 100 watts. What wlse will you have in a T@B other than fridge and furnace (maybe another 300 or 400). The AC would be the big draw and I’m not sure the 3000 is big enough assuming you can run the generator all day and night. You’ll have to check on the draw for the AC. I use two deep cycle batteries and have a small 12v tv/dvd With lights and the occasional furnace running and the fridge uses a little electricity, they last 4-5 days. (single battery was 3 days being careful) 90 minutes with the car running charges them both. An EPA approved 3000 watt generator is about $1800 or $300 for one not EPA noise or spark approved and very loud. Myself, I can’t justify the expense but if I was camping for a couple of weeks at a time and several trips a year then I might buy one. People at State campsites use them for charging batteries and plan microwave or hair dryer use for those allowed running times. Camping in the sticks you could use it anytime but gas is not cheap for full time use. My big one (7500w) uses 7 gal in 12 hours under some load. (Say 3 gal for 3000) Cheap to keep the pipes from freezing but expensive just to watch TV.
I hope this little bit helps.
Paul fron New York

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Jim on March 29, 2007 - 04:50 Permalink

Paul, that was great help! Thank you so much. I do have two batteries parellel but when I camp out in the sticks, I start getting that beeping alarm after about two days. I don’t have air conditioning and just use the refrigerator, lights, heater, and CD player. I flyfish alot in Ne Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming and never stay in camp grounds. I’ve been interested in the Honda Generator and still am interested in hearing from Toby about how he likes his or from anyone else. Thanks again Jim

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Paul on March 29, 2007 - 13:54 Permalink

I like the Honda myself. My needs would be for the EU1000 at $550 at my local Campers World. In your case, I’d get the larger one myself being away from it all. The 3000 would be handy at home too if needed while the 1000 won’t do much for a home. I hesitate to buy one since I only paid $450 for my 7500w for home use which is as quiet as a loud lawn mower. It seems it costs a lot for quiet. Never understood the spark arrestor requirement though since open camp fires are okay. Such is camping. Go to http://www.tab-out-of-line.de/ and see the off road version of T@B sold in Europe. Just right for your use. Have fun.
Paul from New York

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Toby on March 30, 2007 - 02:26 Permalink

Sorry I did not reply earlier. Asking about power… Here was my thought process that made me purchase my generator. I have the 3000 watt unit, and yes, it’s because of the A/C. I will be using my T@B at AMA Superbike races in Utah during the summer in Tooele, Utah. (it gets hot out there) A 3000 watt unit WILL power the 10,000 BTU A/C “Cool Cat” unit. In fact, it will power up to about a 12,000 BTU unit, and you will still be able to power smaller units at the same time, once the power surge (when the A/C starts up) is over. All National Forest, KOA, and Good Sam parks WILL NOT allow you to run a “worksite” generator. If someone even so much as makes a hint of complaint to them about the noise from your unit, I bet you will only be told once not to run it again. If you camp with other people, you are looking for a unit below 70/DB. A jobsite unit is gonna be much louder than that. So, yes, quiet costs money. Paul’s entry above pretty much hits all the points right on the nail. I can tell you this: I’m not trying to be a jerk. But if ANYONE fires up a jobsite unit out at the campground, it’s not gonna fly. I have A LOT of consideration for others around me. That is why I paid the money I did for mine. Here’s a plus also: if/when the power goes out at home, it will also be very considerate to my friends/neighbors that my power unit is so quiet. Jim, check this out: http://www.kipor.com/prouducts….
Kipor is the #2 best selling generator in the U.K. They are a great unit for the money (about $1400.00 hint, hint…the unit is made under licence from Honda) Open that link, and then open the Honda IU3000 unit, and look at the specs….Notice something….LOL. So, if you are not camping in a developed campsite, get the cheaper, louder unit. But if you think you MIGHT use it at a regular campground, then just make the one time investment and get a nice quiet 30amp unit.

HAPPY T@Bbin’ !!!!


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Jim on March 30, 2007 - 04:17 Permalink

Paul and Toby, You guys are great!. I think what you are saying is if you are not running an air conditioner a Honda EU 1000 or 2000 would do the trick. I haven’t seen any on the internet for $550? I looked up Campers world on google and couldn’t get a price. Do you know where to get one? They sell them 4 places in my state and they are expensive. As far as the off road T@B Do they even sell them here in the States? I like my T@B but I don’t know if I would buy another because of how cheaply made they seem to be. I know, I know all RVs are like that. But they only are because we all let them get away with it. Thats whats great about the internet. If everyone said I wont buy this T@B until all the cabinets are reinforsed, and this and that bug is fixed, then they would do it. They are fun, but atleast I let the cute look hook me. If I bought another, I’d go about it much differently. It seems to me a lot of people are ready to sell then after a couple of trips. Anyways you guys have been great. Thanks Jim

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Paul on March 30, 2007 - 14:10 Permalink

Jim and Toby,
If you bought a generator from the UK it would be 220v 50hz which would work if you had a clothes dryer in your T@B. LOL. I’m sure they have 120v models for the US market. The Off road T@B is not sold outside of Europe. I have seen the T@B’s big brothers made by Tabbert Caravans (parent of T@B) in a Madrid showroom. The elegance of the 24+ footers gives Airstream a run for their money. I wish the whole line from Tabbert in Germany was sold here. Shipping would be expensive I’m sure. T@B is partly made here and the rest shipped in pieces and assembled by Dutchmen. The Hondas are not priced on the internet for Campers World and are the only items not priced in the flier I got last week from them. Hmmmmm. I did see them (eu1000) at CW two weeks ago on sale, club price, for about $550 and at a local lawn and garden place for about $585. No market for these at Home Depot or Lowes I guess. Google Honda Generators, go to their website and do the zip code thing to find local dealers. I found a couple of them but I think I’ll stick to the two batteries for now for my needs. I’m pulling the T@B around this weekend to get her ready for our 4th season tabbing. have fun all,
Paul from New York.

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Toby on March 31, 2007 - 07:38 Permalink

Thanks for all the useful information. When I purchased my T@B, I just cut to the chase and bought my power unit. I must say, I do love my T@B, and I will proably keep it at least 2 years. I can already tell you, I do believe I am on my way to getting an Airstream. We just got the T@B, so we’ll play with it a bit before we dole out some real cash (about $50k) for my dream mobile hotel room. Thanks again Paul. We’re headed to Moab, Utah tomorrow with the T@B for Jeep Week.

Toby in Utah

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Scott Zimmerman on March 31, 2007 - 21:13 Permalink

I’m looking for a screen room for my 2005 T-16 T@B. The one with the skirt on the bottom. Does anyone have one for sale?

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Jim on April 1, 2007 - 03:12 Permalink

Toby, I go to Utah a lot. I’ve been backpacking in the Cedar Mesa area for over twenty years. Have you pulled your T@B up the Moki Dugout? One of my favorite places to park my T@B is right near Muley point over looking Monument Valley. I’m going on a backpacking trip in cedar mesa the first week of May and will be pulling my T@B. Its an Orange Crush. What do you think of the Airstream Bambis? The airstream version of the T@B reminds me of a souped up horse trailer. Jim

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Karl Kregor on April 1, 2007 - 21:13 Permalink

Anyone here going to the T@B Rally in Hanksville, UT this may 10-12?
It’s under “Robbers Roost” on the Yahoo T@B site: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/…

I haven’t been on this site lately, but would second the use of a generator ( we have the Honda 2000 — very quiet, 54-57 dbs, and heard it will handle the ac on the CoolCat below 95

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karl Kregor on April 1, 2007 - 22:39 Permalink

I had a salesman at Battery Plus recommend getting two 6 volt batteries whose combined amphours could be as much as 300. This would be instead of getting two 12 volt batteries at 100 ah each. Anyone heard of this — or tried it?


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Rick Ratliff on April 1, 2007 - 23:11 Permalink

I have a 2006 T@B Clam-shell with all the add-ons. We love it,but are re-modeling and have to sell. Used approx. 5 times. $14,500. or offers.