T@B Trailer

I saw one of these trailers at a dealership today. It was one of those “holy shit, look at that” moments. Wow.


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Chell on April 3, 2006 - 00:57 Permalink

Ok now you can get a Jolt Grey tab, it’s on ebay item# 4628034222

Check it out!!!!


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Ed on April 5, 2006 - 02:52 Permalink

Re: TIARA RV Sales
I bought my T@b T2 at Tiara last year. The price was upfront no hidden extras. It arrived when promised and was properly serviced. Only odd thing was that TIARA is in Indiana and the state of Indiana requires you to pay their state sales tax and get it rebated back by your state of residence if you have a reciprocity agreement. I wound up paying 6 1/4% tax in Indiana but my home state of NY only rebated me the 4% state portion of my 8 1/2% home sales tax. All in all I still saved almost $3K vs. my local dealers.


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Paul L. on April 10, 2006 - 20:59 Permalink

Just picked up a used 2004 t@b last week at a dealer close to my home in Utah. I thought I should grab it quick since I’d never even seen one, let alone a used one. We’re very happy with it so far. This is our first trailer/RV. We’ve always been tent campers, other than our former conversion van.

The t@b had the tent, which was a total pain to set up. It also had the awning. We found the awning much more user friendly, unlike what another poster has said. Well, user friendly after I broke one spar connector and then figured out how to connect it. There were no instruction for the awning. Come to think of it the tent instructions were grossly inadequate as well. I guess 2004 being the first year these were made, a lot of bugs were still being worked out. At 1400 lbs, this is exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t see getting a folding trailer since I like to overnight at rest stops and WalMarts. I will tow with my 97 4 Runner.

Will there be another tab get together this year on the west coast? I hope so. Was last year’s fun?


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Dale on April 15, 2006 - 02:18 Permalink

Picked up our 2006 Cherry Red T@B today. Can’t wait to use it next weekend for first time here in Wisconsin. L floor plan, 3 way fridge. Ordered screen door and awning. No instructions came with awning. Can anyone tell me how to go about installing the awning? I don’t want to break it before I get to use it.
Thanks, Dale

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To Dale:
The awning is a little tricky. Slide it in the track starting from the back of trailer (wide spot in the track) making sure you have it aligned correctly. You want the outer end with the zipped area pointed down. It takes two people, one pulling and one pushing while guiding the awning into the track, have a short stool handy to reach. Assemble the curved tubes for the outer frame matching the shape of the trailer and mark them with a sharpie so it will be easier next time. Zip them into the awning. Now assemble the 5 supports and attach the turn button on the trailer side and clamp to the outer frame. Start eith the middle (highest) one so the whole awning is supported for the rest of the assembly. Adjust and lock into place each pole. Stake the two ends into the ground. TIP: buy some sail track lubricant at a sailboat shop. It’s silicone and won’t hurt anything and makes it much easier to slide the awning into the track.
This is our third season now and this is now about a 10 minute operation. Make sure you try it at home first to get the hang of it.
Have a ball with your new T@B.

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Dale on April 18, 2006 - 03:51 Permalink

Thanks so much. We will try it at home first for sure. Our first outing is going to be at a marina on Lake Michigan. I’ll pick up sail track lube there. We have had blast just showing it off in the driveway to curious people. Everyone says they can’t believe how big it is inside. Thanks again for the tips!

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Another for Dale:

Hi Dale. You’ll love your t@b. Just a note about the awning to add to comments from the other Paul. When you attach the 5 supports to the outer frame, slide it in at a steep angle (just the corner of the plastic clip 1st), then bring it slowly around to the 90 degree. Don’t just force it in at a “straight” 90 degree angle, like a “t”. Does that make sense? Hope so. I broke the plastic clip on a support doing exactly that.

UtahPaul, 2004 mellow yellow t@b
Layton, Utah

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Thanks for the tip. I sometimes just go out and sit in it in the driveway wishing I was camping somewhere. It’s fun to come home from work and see it in the driveway. T@B s look so cool.
Belleville, Wi

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Becky on April 19, 2006 - 23:35 Permalink

I know what you mean. We actually spent the night in ours in our driveway one night. We made popcorn and watched a movie on my husband’s laptop. We don’t usually watch TV when camping, but since we didn’t have a campfire to enjoy, we opted for the movie. Paul’s procedure for putting up the awning sounds pretty much like ours, so I don’t have anything to add. We are planning on camping in a few weekends from now. There just isn’t enough free time.

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Has anyone looked on e-bay under the seller bertsmotors1? They are on there priced to sell- lots have sold with alot of options for under $10k! Loaded up ones are around $11k They are in Oregon, but well worth the trip!!!

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April on April 21, 2006 - 22:31 Permalink

We have had our T@B for 4 months now. We have spent more nights in sleeping in in in our garage than camping! When the teen daughters have friends over we take the laptop, a movie and a bottle of wine out into our T@B and escape. This is the greatest thing we have purchased ever!!!

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Sherrie on April 21, 2006 - 23:37 Permalink

Thanks for the eBay tip. I would never have thought to look on eBay for a Tab. The dealer in my area is asking waaaaaay more than that. And hey, springtime in Oregon is supposed to be nice :-)

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Victor on April 23, 2006 - 23:44 Permalink

I am looking for a new or used T@B
Any floorpan or color.
Please e-mail me at:
Thank you.

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Stacey Bradley on April 25, 2006 - 03:31 Permalink

Hello again- We’ve ordered a Jolt Gray and it should be here in the next 2 weeks. I’ve been picking up accessories (kitchen crap, towels, pillows, etc) and need some additional ideas on what I should pick up as far exterior things- I’m thinking a step for sure and maybe some pads for the hitch and stabilizers? Anyone able to suggest a style or brand? Also (trying hard not to ask a stupid question…) if I purchase a mini microwave or TV can it be 110 plug or does it need to be 12v? Any other thoughts on handy additions and storage ideas greatly appreciated!


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Hey Stacey:
I think you’ll really like your tab. As far as the 12v vs. 120 volt tv — you’ll wear down the battery pretty fast watching tv without being plugged in to a campground outlet. So I think you’ll want a regular 120 volt ac tv. The trailer has a converter (ac 120v to dc 12v) not an inverter (dc to ac). Maybe try to get a tv that can do both. I saw one at Walmart for $159 and it had a built in dvd too. We could try watching with the tow vehicle running, but that’s kind of an expensive generator! I’ve been looking at stuff to outfit my mellow yellow too. I got a Thetford 135 porta potty from Cabela’s for $84. I’m looking at Coleman hot water on demand or a Zodi for a shower. I’ll probably go with the Zodi. Also for pots & pans I’m looking at Coleman exponent cooking set for $49. Fun stuff, huh?

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Paul from NY on April 25, 2006 - 21:48 Permalink

To Stacey,
Just a couple more ideas. We put a couple of stacking rubbermaid type drawers in the closet, nothing falls out. We mounted a fabric shoe rack on the back of the closet door so there’s many pockets now for small items. We put curtains up in both windows using spring tension poles under the wood shelf and used a palm decor for the curtains and carried the same design through with dishes, glasses, small rug, towels, place mats, hot mits, serving tray, bowls, wine glasses…..added a theme. I cut 8” square plywood pads for jack pads which works well. I also mounted a tire rack on the frame and put a cover on the spare tire leaving all that room inside for storage.

Interesting note, did anyone see the German website for T@B? It’s at www.Tab-out-of-line.de and you’ll see two models in Germany: Off road and Knutschkugel, the latter being what we’re talking about. If you hit the English version you’ll see their translation for Knutschkugel is “Smoochie Ball” That’s what we all have.

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Joe Herrington on April 26, 2006 - 21:31 Permalink


I just removed the factory installed faucet, water pump, and 5 gallon container from my T@B and installed a “city water” connection, water line, and new facuet for an endless supply of water and no refilling that 5 gallon container ever again. Total cost of approximately $50.00 and 3 hours time on a Saturday afternoon. I will be glad to supply anyone with my parts list and will email photos if you are interested. Looks like a professional installation and works great. Now I connect my camper to the water faucet at all camp grounds.

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HELP WITH AWNING. Tried to set it up but the instructions that came with it don’t seem to match the poles or vice versa.
Paul mentioned on April 17 turn buttons and the instructions mention turn buckles. regardless our pole set that we got have a plastic clip at one end that clip onto the awning arch poles (I assume) and the other end is pointed and apparently are suppoesed to fit into a small pocket on the awning close to the trailer.The pole can be adjusted in length with those little push buttons Two problems: I’m afraid the pointed end will punch through the awning material and the pocket when under stress IE in place and the other end is clipped into the awning arch pole 2. the pole itself is too long and I can’t get it to fit due to the pointed end problem I really don’t want to force it. I have pics here: http://autos.ph.groups.yahoo.c…

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Paul from NY on May 9, 2006 - 19:33 Permalink

To Hugh,
The Awning which came with my ‘04 T@B doesn’t have any pockets so it sounds like they changed the design. My awning underneath at the trailer end has 5 buttons which turn and lock onto the poles through holes in the poles which are flat at that end with plastic caps. Then the other end of the pole clips onto the end frame. The poles are underneath the awning. Each of the 5 poles is in two pieces with spring buttons on one and holes in the other for adjustment. I never snug them up too tight so that I don’t put undue stress on the turn buttons. It sounds like you may have pockets instead of the turn buttons. I hope this helped a little.

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MIGUEL on May 10, 2006 - 07:08 Permalink

Hello happy campers.
Just want to let everyone know that I just recently perchased my first brand new T@B. Delivery is scheduled for 5/25, and I can’t wait to join the rest of you in this new adventure. I’ve been reading through this site and I find it very informative. I’m sure that I’ll have a few questions for you once we get started.
We usually do State Parks in Pennsylvania and Delaware, so if your in the vacinity, stop by for a chat…

See you all soon!!

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UtahPaul on May 10, 2006 - 19:21 Permalink

Hi Miguel:

This ruk site is wonderful, but be sure to stop by at the Yahoo Groups site — actually there’s two over there, tabtrailers and tab-rv. You’ll find a lot more traffic and ideas there too.


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Hugh Burton on May 11, 2006 - 16:06 Permalink

Thanks Paul;
The awning still isn’t working correctly. At first I thought it was operator error,but having spent more time as you say,I think T@B has changed the design but not the instructions.
I also have found that regardless of changes, the pole set I have isn’t correct. The poles are too long and the pole ends do not fit well into the pocket on the awning close to the trailer. I have contacted the dealer for a resolution. They are trying to sort it out but this appears to be their first year selling T@Bs and aren’t all that familiar with the product yet.
Anyone with a newer unit out there care to comment?
We’re going camping this W/E and will go without the awning.

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Paul from NY on May 11, 2006 - 16:17 Permalink

To use it this weekend, with the awning fully in the slot and the outside frame zipped in, just pull it tight with a couple of ropes tied to the outside frame staked in the ground. I’ve used the ropes on unusually windy days just for added support. With the ropes staked and pulling it tight away from the trailer and the outside frame also staked at each end, the awning is rigid without the horizontal poles.

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Hugh Burton on May 11, 2006 - 17:18 Permalink

Good idea thanks.Probably would have thought of that once we got to the campsite and had left the awing behind :)
Just got a call from the dealer and he is sending out a new set of poles as we apparently have the wrong ones. Should have them by Fri AM Will let you know the outcome.

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MIGUEL on May 12, 2006 - 08:04 Permalink


Thanks for the Info on the other sites.
I’m still waiting to pick up my T@B, looks like it’ll happen this Monday. In the mean time, I’m reading about some of the problems people are having with their T@B. But the one that sticks out the most is about adding shocks to theirs.
Is that possible?
Are there mounting brackets underneath for shocks? I don’t remember seeing any.

Thanks agian.

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Paul from NY on May 12, 2006 - 19:49 Permalink

With the independant suspension I’m not sure that adding shocks is a good idea and can’t imagine myself why anyone would even want to add them. You should check with a dealer because the independant suspension eliminates the need for a sway bar and with added shocks, who knows. I’ve pulled mine in all conditions and don’t see any problems. Don’t overload it, don’t ride back there or pull it off road and don’t give it another thought. It follows very smoothly and straight as it is.
Into my 3rd season and used it last weekend in upstate NY where it was in the 30’s overnight. Stayed very comfortable. Have a ball with your new T@B.

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Miguel on May 13, 2006 - 03:11 Permalink

Thanks Paul, I sure will.
Sounds like your a well seasond tabber.

But I do have a question for anyone out there that’s pulling a T@B with a KIA Sedona. If you could give me an Idea on how it does on hills and if you are using a transmission cooler or anything else for that matter. I plan on buying a tranny cooler from the KIA dealer for insurance. I figure that the $188.00 cost of the kit is well worth it. I’ve had my share of failed transmissions in the past.

Thanks again.

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Glenda on May 13, 2006 - 22:34 Permalink

I live in B.C, Canada and to buy one here they start at $16,000. So I am looking for a new or used T@B
any color, model with kitchen inside. Please email me at goodwitch@dccnet.com if anyone can help.

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Hugh Burton on May 15, 2006 - 17:25 Permalink

Paul from NY
My awning issue is resolved, sort of….
The dealer sent me a new pole set. The near pole ends are flattened kind of like a tongue.(so yes they have changed the pole design but supply the old instructions)They slide into the pockets on the awning. The problem that still exists is that the adjusting holes for the push buttons are in the wrong spot.
Only one pole (the pole over the window) works correctly IE with the push buttons. Even then the adjustemnt is at the very end hole. On the other poles when I tension the rafter, the holes no where near line up with the push button. To solve this I purchased four small hose clamps that I put around the smaller diameter pole and tightened them up against the larger diameter pole,once I got the right tension on the rafters. Not the best as it takes three hands to do it but it worked for this W/E. BTW it snowed 10” in a couple of hrs on Friday night the awning stood up well and the heater made for a great weekend.

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Dale on May 16, 2006 - 19:16 Permalink

Has anyone experienced having one of the wheels lock up after realeasing the brake? I was unable to move it around in the driveway. My dealer said I would have to haul it in on a flat bed to have them look at it. The next day I tried pushing it backwards hard and it let loose. I will check it agin tonight. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem. Thanks

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Jerry on May 19, 2006 - 02:14 Permalink

I’m not sure what went wrong, our son took our new tab out on its first trip. (not quite what we had planned, but he had a need). When he arrived at his destination the dolly wheel on the front jack had come off, somehow it screwed itself off the shaft. Also the door catch on the side of the trailer was gone. I went to the local dealer and inspected other new tabs, and their door catches were loose too! Beware, Jerry

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Paul from NY on May 19, 2006 - 20:58 Permalink

The bottom half (including the wheel) will come off if you keep turning the crank far enough. There is no stop. Another thing to watch. My whole front jack fropped last year at 65 mph. That plactic wheel doesn’t last long at that speed. I have a temp wheel there now and just got around to ordering one. Since it dropped, I use a short piece of rope as a safety to keep it from falling again.

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D. on May 27, 2006 - 03:25 Permalink

I’ve just ordered a clamshell from a dealer in Tennessee, to pick up on my way south from Minnesota to Georgia this summer … sight unseen. So, I’m really happy to have run across this site with so many positive comments plus a few helpful suggestions.

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willie on May 27, 2006 - 08:15 Permalink

My wife margie and I have had our Tab for 3years and love camping in it as much as possible. We live on the North Oregon coast,sowhen we go camping its fun to see peoples reactions when we pull into the campgrounds. We just bought a new silver subaru Outback to pull our Orange Krush Tab with. We also have a Toyota Tacoma to pull it with. We found ours at a r/v sale in Seaside Or. 10 blocks from home. Are there any Tabbers on the coast or in the sw Washington area? Has anyone heard of a west coast rally yet? if so let me know so we could come and see the other happy Tabbers out there. Hope to see you in a campground near me soon. thanks willie

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UtahPaul on June 5, 2006 - 16:33 Permalink

Hi Willie:

I saw a post for a tab rally in Concrete, Washington this year. Its July 28 — 30 at a KOA there. I don’t think I can make that one. I’m trying to get my family to agree to an Oregon coast trip this summer. Where would you recommend camping? You must have gotten one of the first tabs if yours is three years old! I bought mine used a couple months ago. We really like it. Went with the scouts last weekend up the canyon. What a great little unit.


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Donna on June 6, 2006 - 22:32 Permalink

We bought a T@b here in Georgia last year 2005. It was used, someone bought it for a Georgia game or two and figured it was not for them. And we were lucky enough to get the tent when we purchases it from Super 1 RV.. however it did not come with any directions or inventory list for the tent…Does anyone have this information. The T@b maufactures or dutchman are nolonger selling this tent, so they were of no Help.

We have tried putting it up, but it just doesn’t look right or seems very practical, the problem seems to be the bow or arc of where the ground and the stacks meet. Help
Donna in Georgia

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Nancy DeVriendt on June 16, 2006 - 06:46 Permalink

Hello: Well after my last posting of January 28th I have retired and my husband and I just got back from our very “first” outing in my new T16 RED T@B. We were gone 2 months and 4 days and traveled 14,487 miles. Only problem we had was a capasitor vibrated loose in the power converter while in Alaska. Tthe nice man at TOK RV in Alaska resoldered it and its as good as new. A plastic hinge broke on the celing fan also and we just taped it shut and are getting it replaced. We had no other problems and even camping in a glacial FIELD (5 glacers) where it got pretty cold we stayed very comfortable even without useing a heater. I only wish we had gotten the awning when we got the trailer and we would be all set. If anyone knows where to get a awning please drop me a note. We are looking foreword to the next trip thats for sure.

Nancy/Art DeVriendt

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Norman on June 17, 2006 - 07:39 Permalink

Hey everyone. We have had our tab for about 3 months and FINALLY got out over the last weekend. We took it to the lake and so many people wanted to check it out and “touch” it. We really enjoy this little guy. We went from a 30’ Class A to our tab and don’t regret it at all. Some times i forget it’s back there when I’m pulling it with my 5.7l hemi. We had a problem with the awning, any suggestions? we couldn’t get it into the “groove.”

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Joyce on June 21, 2006 - 11:49 Permalink

Great site! Will be picking up our T@B Friday. Dealership rented it from us for a couple weeks so they had something in their showroom. We’re planning a trip next month to MA from CO. Please let me know of any long-distance tips. We’re towing with our mini-van. Thanks and hope to see other T@B owners on the way.

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Niel on June 22, 2006 - 17:15 Permalink

We’ve just purchased are first camper-trailer, a T@B Clam Shell. We’ve had it out and enjoyed having something other than a tent for camping (especially when it started raining!). We did have a problem that I wonder if it is common. We found that the roller screens did not adequately keep out insects. Inspection shows that each of the window shade/screen housings has a gap along the top edge next to the wall. Possibly flying insects attracted to the light crawl up the screen, over the screen roller, onto the wall and through the gap. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Any suggestions for a fix?

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Niel Wiegand on June 26, 2006 - 19:14 Permalink

How well should the water faucet work in the T@B Clam Shell? Ours just spits a little water and then pumps nothing even though the pump is still running. The instructions talk about adjusting the pressure but the pump is mounted with the pressure adjustment on top against the underside of the counter top.

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Barbara on June 27, 2006 - 22:27 Permalink

We are wanting to find the best deal for used or new or used Clam Shell. But only looking to spend around $8,000. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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Kelly on June 28, 2006 - 18:29 Permalink

Selling my mom’s 2006 T@B she just purchased it in OCT. She just passed away in May. Willing to sell for cheap. Still owes $6500 on it. Make an offer. Comes with EVERYTHING. including the outside tent, stepladder, extra cooler, nice camping cooking/kitchen items if wanted. It’s basically ready to roll. Kellykelly707@hotmail.com or call me 801-910-0250 SLC Utah

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Fred and Joyce on July 2, 2006 - 01:23 Permalink

Hello All,
My wife and I are on day 5 of our first T@B adventure. We are presently outside Erie Penn. sitting along Lake Erie in a small camp ground. We picked our red and silver T@B up last week in Big Rock, IL and headed to Canada. We are from Fairhope, Alabama and have not seen one single T@B on the road in the last three years. Where is everyone? We are having a great time and look forward to reading and or hearing from folks in the group.
We set up the awning the day before yesterday and had the same problem as others have stated with the metal slide area but managed to get the awning up anyway. We will modify the metal slide once we get home.
We are off to the manufacturer on Wednesday for a tour of the factory.
Bye all.
Fred and Joyce

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Becky on July 5, 2006 - 18:19 Permalink

Fred and Joyce,
Check out the April 17th entry by Paul for good instructions on getting the awning up. We use WD40 for the lubricant. We assemble the arch and get the support poles ready before we start. It does take two to do it easily. One feeding, one gently pulling.
We have had our TAB for about a year and have never regretted buying it. It is perfect for two; just the right amount of space to use and little maintenance. We have never seen another on the road either. We are in Oregon.
Happy camping and touring to you.

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john on July 8, 2006 - 22:03 Permalink

Does anyone tow a t@b trailer with a PT Cruiser? Ours is a 2003 turbo. The owners manual says the PT is rated to tow 1000 lbs. Any advice / opinions / suggestions ( short of selling the car — we like it ) ?
Any feedback will be appreciated.

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becky on July 10, 2006 - 00:58 Permalink

Fred and Joyce,
My husband informed me that we don’t use WD40, we use a silicone lubricant:).

Just got back from a weekend camping trip and we broke our tour record this weekend. We did 10 tours of the TAB this weekend; our old record was 7. We enjoy showing the TAB. We’ve met a lot of our nice camping neighbors that way.


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Barb and Ken on July 10, 2006 - 03:06 Permalink

We had our TAB in the driveway this weekend during our annual neighborhood garage sale. We gave at least 30 tours that day! I quickly attached a sign stating “Cute camper NOT for sale! It is definately an attention magnet!

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Janice on July 14, 2006 - 14:32 Permalink

Will my 67 Mustang pull a T@B with no trouble?

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John T. Damiano... on July 16, 2006 - 02:52 Permalink

Does any one own an Add-a-room or an Awning for an ‘06 TAB camper(Mine is silver with gray trim) that they would like to sell?

John T. Damiano,D.D.S.
2869 Celtic Lane
Baldwinsville, NY 13027