T@B Trailer

I saw one of these trailers at a dealership today. It was one of those “holy shit, look at that” moments. Wow.


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Bo on March 4, 2005 - 01:43 Permalink

I don’t know if this has been mentioned: tab-out-of-line.de.
Home page of the mother company Knaus Tabbert for the little silver bullet. Really cool T@B stuff but no accessories, unfortunately.

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Rob on March 6, 2005 - 00:42 Permalink

Hi Norm and Bo:

Would love to take a look at any additional information you might have on the T@B XL. After seeing it, I am hooked.


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Cynthia on March 18, 2005 - 00:35 Permalink

Just ready to finalize a deal on a new 2005 T@B…our local dealer really tried to screw us…pushing the 2004 models, he had us believing a new ‘05 would be around $17m fully loaded. So I decided to send out a RFP Request for Proposal…send my very specific requirements, was up front that I was contacting ALL the dealers in my 5-state area, and got some VERY GOOD pricing (well, I’m hoping….). Shipping a T@B trailer (aluminum) will cost me about $550…not bad, considering I’m saving a few thou. The best bid I got was $9999 for a fully loaded 05 aluminum model. Any last-minute thoughts on whether this is a good price or not?
Thanks. Cynthia

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Rob on March 19, 2005 - 19:12 Permalink


If you do not mind me asking, what area are you in? I am looking for a new T@B as well and would love to see what other dealers quoted you.



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Jerry on March 20, 2005 - 02:44 Permalink

Cynthia, I also would be interested in what area you are in, and how you typed up your RFP. I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and to my knowledge there is only one dealer in the state. They are asking about $12,500 for the clamshell model with air/heat pump but no fridge or other items except a radio. I certainly wish they had better looking trim on the outside of that model (very poor look compared to the rest of the lineup). However, I much prefer to cook outside when camping and fishing, and the pass through from the outside kitchen to the inside is very nice. One of the nicest features that I really like, is that it has three windows that open instead of the normal two on the other models. I did notice that in Europe they have other floor plans that we don’t have here that have 3 opening windows (the window on the front is the one that is added)and I saw one with a rear kitchen on the inside that looked very nice in the photos. I talked to someone who said that after they purchased a t@b they now go camping every week because it is so easy to get going and then to clean up when they come back as compared to monthly before the tab. One last comment (sorry to be so long winded) but at the local dealer I did see a photo of a T@B rally where someone actually had the full screened in tent/screen porch made for the T@B (not the awning) and it looked very nice.



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I’ve been looking into the t@b for the past 6 months and recently saw a HGTV episode which showed a t@b that had a outside kitchen in the back. Is this the t@b or the tab by airstream. I can’t find this tab on the t@b web page or airstream as appears in the credits on HGTV web site.

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Norm on March 29, 2005 - 17:16 Permalink

The web address for T@B is
T@B is made by Dutchmen which
is owned by Thor Industies,
who make Airstream. Norm

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Norm Williams on March 29, 2005 - 17:32 Permalink

Karen Brewer
has been a good sorce of T@B info. for me. Norm

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Tim on April 6, 2005 - 04:34 Permalink

I applied to the Tab group on Yahoo a few days ago but have not been accepted. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve tried two times but no luck!

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Mike Ciampa on April 9, 2005 - 21:14 Permalink

We purchased a new 2004 T@B from a dealer in Orlando, FL. Our unit has the 13” tires and wheels. However it came with the 15” low profile tire and wheel as a spare. Has anyone else had this happen ? Does anyone want to buy this tire and wheel, or swap for a 13” tire and wheel ?


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Sandra on May 5, 2005 - 19:26 Permalink

If you can log on to Yahoo — try going to tabtrailers@yahoogroups.com
The folks there may be able to help you.

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Sandra on May 5, 2005 - 19:29 Permalink

P.S. We’re having a National T@B Rally in Keystone, SD in June. If you’re interested in joing us — again go to tabtrailers@yahoogroups.com

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Jerry on May 11, 2005 - 20:29 Permalink

Hi, All!

My wife and I just purchased a new 2005 T@B. We got the clamshell version with the kitchen in back. We had our shakedown trip and LOVE the T@B. The dinette on the inside folds into a really comfortable bed — almost Queen size. Ours came with the portapotty and there was a place in the cabinet (area where the other models kitchen is) where the portapotty fits right in. It is out of sight until you need it.

It rained really heavy and there were no leaks, drips, wheelwell problems, etc.

I am interested in a lot of the modifications people are doing (mounting a generator on the tow tongue, making a city water connection, etc.

We are going to a rally of T@Bs at Newport Beach, OR in July. Once I check out what others have done, I will begin to map out what I might want to do.

The T@B-RV site is awesome. You can see my trailer by going to the Photos section and selecting the folder, Rocinante (name of my T@B).


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Lori on June 3, 2005 - 02:47 Permalink

My husband and I are looking for something small, we don’t like the big bulky trailers we’ve seen the T@B and I really like it although we have a 9 year old we are hopefull that very soon she will want to escape us and sleep in a tent. Showers are not neccesary I have a portable one but a radio and micro would be nice. the local dealer (San Diego Area) was asking 13K with all the options than mistakingly said it was sold for 12K the next day. He also told us that he had another one coming but the price was close to 16K because it was a 2006?? Than the next day said that the one coming would probably be only $700. more the the original 12K.?? So I called another dealer out of the area and he quoted me 13K. so than I went online and found 4 T@B’s out of state (Washington, Florida, Indiana) for around 9K?? It is so confusing to know what the real price is. I really don’t want to pay so much. Any suggestions?? Thanks

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Lori on June 3, 2005 - 02:54 Permalink

I was wondering if anyone had pictures or could tell me how you put a micowave in this, also someone mentioned a water heater for showers?? also loking to add a radio? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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norman williams on June 3, 2005 - 17:28 Permalink

I went to Walmart and bought a GE JES738 700 watt ($35) microwave lowered the shelf in the colset 10 in. and set in the microwave.I put plywood on top of the microwave the width of the closet creating a shelf.On that I put a Sony ICF-M410V
TV/Weather/FM/AM/radio from Target ($40) added two self-powered speakers from Radio Shack an iPod and a FM transmitter, creating a complete system.Close the door to the closet and it all goes away. Norm
P.S. I have added a 12volt plug.

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Janice on June 7, 2005 - 21:35 Permalink

My husband and I just traded in a 18’ Springdale which was loaded for the T@B. Wanted something easier to pick up and go with. Retired, planning a joint camping trip w/ our son and his family this summer which will involve meeting them in Michigan (we’re from Connecticut) and driving out to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Mt. Rushmore, etc. Our son has a BIG travel trailer, so we reserved 2 spots at each campground, and plan to use the T@B as a private little bed and breakfast for us. It appears to be a perfect solution for people who just want to pick up and go whenever. We travel with a cat. The cat box fits under the table. Our T@B has the heat pump/air conditioner and we will be adding a port-a-potti, small micowave and a clock radio. The less we have to pack the better. Suits us just fine.

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Randy Putnam on June 8, 2005 - 03:33 Permalink

Just bought a 2005 T@B. Cherry Red in the AluFiber….has all the bells and whistles available. I love it and I can’t believe the people that stop and want to know more….
pulls so easy with my jeep wrangler (red jeep matches T@B)…

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Beth on June 13, 2005 - 17:40 Permalink

A question for Janice, if she’s still reading the forum. You said you travel with a cat. I have two cats that I would love to travel with. I’m concerned about them not having enough room to move around. They are young, just about 2 years old, so they are still quite active. I have an old man cat who wouldn’t mind just sitting on the couch all day, so I’m not concerned about him :)

I will likely be traveling for long periods at a time and wanted to know what you do, if anything, about “exercising” your cat. I was thinking perhaps of getting a screen room with a floor and letting them out into that to run around, but I’m concerned they will run right up the screen or be too scared to do much of anything.

Any help or suggestions you can offer would be appreciated.


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Does anyone have more info on the T@B Rally in Newport Beach, Ore in July. I would like to attend if possible, I will be traveling from Spokane, Wa and am a little concerned about the winds along the Columbia River. Any Comments, Thanks

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Dianne on July 4, 2005 - 15:36 Permalink

My husband and I are thinking of getting a T@b, but we have 2 daughters, and will not be able to all sleep inside at the same time. We were thinking of getting the screen room that attaches so we can sleep in it like a tent. Does anyone have one that they use in this manner? Does it stay fairly warm at night? Does it leak?


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Mary-Ann on July 20, 2005 - 14:54 Permalink

We love our Orange Crush-bought it in Nov 2004 and drove 15000 Km throughout the winter. We have camped in snow and -28C temps and 30C highs. It has been a super hot summer, so we sleep in it at night-no need for ac-the fan does a super job.
After 3 months of T@Bbing we made some changes-our unit is the original design, so we cut out the closet and added a counter instead,bought a smaller make-down table and made slats for the bed, added a television oulet to the toungue and feed the wire thru the gas line hole to the interior (no more wires thru the window). We also made a tent for it, but would buy the one designed for it, even though it is pricey. We are now waiting for our screen door.
We are recently retired and love the simplicity of our T@B. Hope to see you all on the road….Mary-Ann

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esther on July 24, 2005 - 06:11 Permalink

hi T@B owners,
i am in B.C. Canada (kamloops) and am interested in a T@B. does anyone know of any dealers nearby?

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Brian on August 2, 2005 - 01:23 Permalink

Anyone using a 2004 Honda CRV for a T@B?
Great comments from everyone — i came across T@B on a roadtrip, and now saving my pennies (all $13,000 worth of them…..)

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Deb on August 4, 2005 - 13:46 Permalink

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new T@B. I wonder why people think T@B is overpriced. Compared to what? It’s NOT overpriced when compared to my current small travel trailer that cost $11K in 1998, has a plastic and laminate on particle board interior, and has cost several hundred dollars per year in maintenance and repair. And then there’s the price of gas, at 9 MPG. I think the T@B is a bargain!

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George & Donna on August 11, 2005 - 03:53 Permalink

My husband and I bought a T@B a couple months ago near Seattle at PoulboRV. It has the heat pump, inside kitchen, etc. WE LOVE OUR T@B! We have taken 2 camping trips so far with no problems.

We are pulling it with a small Daewoo Lanos that only has a 1.6 liter engine. Doesn’t slow us down any, and we get 17 mpg on a trip. We set a microwave on top of the heat pump, and attached it with small chains in the back that you can’t see, but it keeps it from sliding off the cabinet. We took the door off the closet because we couldn’t open it with the MW in the way. Then, we installed a pull-up blind in the open doorway. Works perfect and looks nice. Then, we bought some portable shelving so the closet inside stays neat. Went to the dollar store and bought some of the wall hooks that work with a lever instead of having to attach with nails. We hang our clothes at night, hang the garbage bag, etc.

We downgraded from a 28’ Bounder Motorhome, and we absolutely do not regret that decision. Add up the gas prices, the insurance cost, and the maintenance costs on the Bounder, and the T@B pays for itself. We
are thrilled with our little RV, and everywhere we go, people want to look in it. We have even had people follow us so they could see inside. Means I have to keep it clean.

It was pricey, but worth every penny!!!

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Ronna on August 13, 2005 - 19:25 Permalink

I read with interest the person who sent out a Request for Proposals to different dealors in different states. Anybody have any advice on how to go about doing that? Perhaps a website? Is it a specific form or just something you type up and faxed to the different dealors? With the end of the year coming up, I’d like to be ready to look for 2005 T@Bs!


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Michael Gilligan on August 14, 2005 - 19:55 Permalink

We bought the gray TAB with lottsa options. Air conditioning and heatpump, the 3-way fridge, the Shurflow water pump, the alloy wheels and “sport” tires, the awning, etc. etc. and we’re selling it for $9,500.
It’s a great little trailer, but because of business pressures (which have gotten worse,) we were only able to take 3 trips of about 200 miles each. (We paid $13,000.00.) We’ve gotten 19 mpg pulling it with our Sienna mini van, and it’s in perfect condition.
We are in Garrison, NY, across from West Point. We have to sell it.

Mike Gilligan

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Roger Garlow on August 19, 2005 - 17:03 Permalink

Michael Gilligan,

Is ur T@B still up for sale.

Am very interested. I live on east coast so can come up and get it.


Roger Garlow

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bill & patty on August 26, 2005 - 01:39 Permalink

we bought our 2004 Tab at our state fair in alaska and love it, love it! we have two dogs and they do great wih us. big queen bed, all the extras a person needs are there in the Tab. we bought a porta pot at walmart for $25. and its just like the one you can buy with it, so save yourself the forty dollars. we go down narrow dirt roads in alaska, back by the glaciers, the ocean, etc. it always been so comfey, the heater is great.its qute the conversation piece here as not many people have them yet. anyone who tours our Tab loves it. never a critical opinion have we encountered. we recommend it totally, if you love to camp and want it simple, its the way to go. have fun and enjoy what life has to offer!

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scott and trisha on September 2, 2005 - 05:08 Permalink

Can anyone tell me if you can sleep horizontally cross the trailer using only the back portion of the bed when folded down.
What is the width of the interior?
I am only asking this as there is no dealersd within hours from our place.

thanks in advance.


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Tovey on September 7, 2005 - 01:38 Permalink

Just saw two this weekend out in Hood River, Oregon. One in clamshell, the other standard layout with kitchen facilities indoors. Prefer the clamshell so you don’t end up sleeping surrounded by the smell of dinner. I’m wondering if anyone has thought up a way to add a second bed to the one already available. It doesn’t need to be big, but to make the T@b work my wife and I need a place for our growing five-year old daugther to sleep.

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Evangeline on September 8, 2005 - 06:18 Permalink

I’ve been looking at the T@B for over a year now, and was shocked at the sticker price of over $12,000 (in Sacramento CA). I just looked at the T@B website and learned that they now have a new fiberglass model that is $2,000 less than the Aluminum model. Also, the tent is listed for $900. I am still confused at how the price can be $5,900 in one state and $13,000 in another. Can we not order these trailers straight from the factory? The website does suggest printing out the cost sheet and taking to your local dealer.

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George Flink on September 12, 2005 - 15:50 Permalink

We have an unused T@B “screen room” for sale. $600+shipping. It came with the trailer and we don’t need it.

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MandMandZ on September 13, 2005 - 04:59 Permalink

Yes, yes!!! We love the T@b but have a 5 yr old growing boy…let us know how to fit him in and we will join the club.


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Lee Mattson on September 13, 2005 - 07:03 Permalink

REPLY to Scott and Trisha, Sept. 2, 2005

The TAB trailer is about 5’ 6” horizontal and 4’ wide in the rear(with back laid down). If you lay down the table and cover it, you are then looking at an approx. queen size bed. Don’t know why two would want to sleep horizontally, when one might have to get up in the middle of the night and crawl over the other.

Lee Mattson

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Jennifer on September 17, 2005 - 04:16 Permalink

I’m also looking for a good deal on a used or new T@B. Has anyone found a good place discounting end of season units? I’m in Ontario, Canada but would consider shipping from states close to Ontario. Is the Gilligan’s T@B still for sale?

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Dan on September 20, 2005 - 04:34 Permalink

I am looking to purchase an awning for my T16 Tab, is there anyone that would have one to sell at a reasonable price.



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Dan on September 20, 2005 - 04:40 Permalink

Hi Jennifer;

Try Alma Homes And Campers in New Glasgow Nova Scotia they had two new 2004 models at very good pricing below their cost.


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Roberta Oclon on September 20, 2005 - 16:18 Permalink

We have a 2004 Orange Crush model fully loaded used only once. Given as a gift. Looking to sell $12,000 obo. Located in Northeast Florida. rzo5@bellsouth.net

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AL on September 21, 2005 - 08:24 Permalink

I’ve been price stalking the cost of the t@b at my local dealership. Anyone know of any closeout dealerships around Dallas Texas. I’ve been trying to decide between floorplans and decided to choose the clamshell model with outside sink and stove which my local dealer does not carry. I also like the fact that the clamshell has that little bench seating, enough for a small child. My wife is a priss and doesn’t enjoy roughing it so the purchase of this T@B will get her off my back and let me continue to enjoy the outdoors with her whining. Either I’ll get the T@B or a divorce from someone who told me they loved the outdoors.LOL.

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Brad & Bonnie H... on September 23, 2005 - 16:11 Permalink

We have a 2004 T@B, and are looking for a bike rack to carry 2 or 4 bikes. Can anyone help?

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Marilyn on September 26, 2005 - 22:48 Permalink

My Subaru dealer says the hitch already on my 2005 Forrester (I had it installed to accommodate a bike rack) is the only hitch that a Subaru dealer provides. Subaru owners with a T@B, are you using a dealer installed hitch to pull your T@B?

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Marilyn on September 29, 2005 - 03:54 Permalink

Brad & Bonnie, how about a car roof mount bike rack?

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George Flink on September 29, 2005 - 18:01 Permalink

To Marilyn,
We had the hitch on our Legacy installed by our T@B dealer. George

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Lora on October 2, 2005 - 13:36 Permalink

Hello! We just took the plunge and bought a clamshell yesterday! I’m so happy to see all of you out there. We recently moved to UT from MT and I’m looking for a fun place to take this thing out on its first run before winter. Any suggestions? Thanks~Lora

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Lori on October 6, 2005 - 20:18 Permalink

Brad and Bonnie, My husband got a bike rack at REI and mounted it between the hitch and the propane hub on the T@B. It slides in and out as we need it so we can still use it with the truck hitch other times. hope this helps. Lori

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Evelyn V. Moder on October 7, 2005 - 03:50 Permalink

To Lora: I was looking @ a clamshell yesterday at a dealership. It was for sale, but the seal over the back opening for the stove area was in for repairs. Any knowledge of these seals being a problem? Also, do you love cooking out of the sleep/dining area inside? I’m thinking of a clamshell, but do cold and/or rainy weather put a damper on the food prep? Safety wise, I prefer having the stove isolated from the bedding area. I loved all the windows. Would the seat under the front window sleep a little grandchild okay? I hope you get to use your T@B ASAP. I’m green with envy! Good luck. Evelyn

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scott and trisha on October 9, 2005 - 02:43 Permalink

We have just bought the L-shaped T@B and we are preparing to go road touring to Mexico. We are in Canada where they are more expensive but whatever, we love it anyway! Scott is adding shelving underneath the kitchen cabinets and in the rear closets. We are using one closet to hang clothes. We are excited to get started. We will be leaving our 2600 sq. ft. house to live in the T@b for 6 months. Yikes! Are we crazy? Less is definitely more in this case. More gas mileage and more confidence on the highway.
Sun here we come. Trish

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scott and trisha on October 11, 2005 - 07:52 Permalink

Re Hi
I also placed three “Gracious Living” single drawer boxes (plastic things) in the closets, holding them in place with some wooden slats and removed the false floor in the fourth for the clothes hanger area to extend to the bottom.
We also cut out a large area under the center of the lower storage area under the rear cabinets, then built and installed a door 24” X 11” that opens down to the floor making all that storage below the cabinets very accessible.
Next I’m going to install a 1000 watt inverter with a 300 watt solar panel using the existing plug bnuy the door and adding a bus bar in the left hand corner of the back closet, using it for computer and other charging items. I’ll also make and install a magazine rack and a book shelf above the windows tomorrow.
Next we will install a stainless steel sheet across the area behind the sink. why this wasn’t done originally is beyond me.
Also I’ll be building a cup, glass, sharp knife slots and plate holder unit in the left corner of the counter top.
That should be it.

Better get to bed. Lots of work yet.

Scott and Trisha