Taylor’s Taters for Another Year

Back in the depths of winter the folks at Taylor’s Taters at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, the official potato, turnip and carrot supplier to our family, announced to us that this would be their last season at the Market as this was the year to retire and sell the farm.

I reminded Oliver of this fact this morning at the Market and suggested we do something to mark the occasion. Unfortunately this caused Oliver to panic at the thought that he would never again be able to eat potatoes, turnips or carrots and to salve his distress I suggested we could go and talk to the Taylor’s Taters people and seek recommendations for alternative sources of same.

Much to our collective relief we learned, on doing this, that the retirement has been delayed a year, seed for this years crop has been ordered, and Taylor’s Taters will live to see another year.

Oliver, needless to say, was delighted that he’ll have potatoes, turnips and carrots in his diet through at least 2010.