We’ve been through 9 airports in the last month, and I can say without a doubt that Toronto’s is the worst.

Case in point: on Sunday we flew in from Charlottetown. The plane was 1/2 hour late leaving, and about an hour late by the time we landed. We took about 20 minutes to taxi from the place we landed to where we were to park.

Our parking space turned out to be at the veritable end of the airport,and we had to get off the plane and get into a bus, which then took about another 1/2 hour to drive all the way to the other end of Terminal 2, where we disembarked and then walked what seemed like 1/2 way back the way we’d come to pick up our luggage.

Many times I land at Boston’s Logan airport — reputed to be so crowded and horrible — and am downtown 45 minutes after the plane touches down. Our Sunday flight was supposed to land at 4:10 and we emerged from the luggage area around 5:30.

Makes WestJet to Hamilton appear very attractive.


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andrea on March 27, 2002 - 17:05 Permalink

It’s too bad that you can’t fly direct from the Maritimes to Toronto Island. It is so much more convenient — just a quick ferry ride and you are at the bottom of Bathurst Street.