Talking to Plazes from AppleScript

The code described here has been moved into Subversion.

Stefan sent me the API documentation for Plazes yesterday, and I’ve been fooling around with it today.

The first product of my experimenting is a demonstration of how to look up your current “plaze” from AppleScript.

To try this out for yourself, download AppleScript code, paste it into Script Editor, update with the values for your Plazes username and password and run. Assuming you’ve already run the Plazes Launcher, the result should be something like this:

If you click on the “Go to Plazes” button, then your Safari should open to the Plazes page for your current location.

This isn’t intended to be a useful or complete application — and there should probably be more error checking — but it should be enough to get you started in Plazes development using AppleScript.