Olivia and I stumbled across Swenn this afternoon, a delightful new shop in the Confederation Court Mall:

In 2017, Kristell Geffroy, an explorer from Brittany (France), criss-crossed the Maritimes in a van. On Prince Edward Island, she discovers herds of sheep, raised in the open air, with fine and soft wool that give birth to an idea. It is there, facing the mysterious and deep waters of the North, that Swenn was born.

Back in Montreal, carried by the salty air that has forged her character since her birth, Kristell decides to launch her brand. SWENN offers « beautiful ocean-inspired clothes made from natural, organic and/or recycled fabrics, in accordance with the principles of fair trade. »

In 2022, Kristell and her family decided to move to Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. The Swenn adventure now continues on the shores of the Maritimes.

The mall downtown has been so populated by listless phone-it-in retail efforts for so long, it’s remarkable when something so obviously heartfelt and genuine appears. More like this, please.