Sushi vs. Potato Chips

With apologies to the potato industry here on Prince Edward Island, I’m happy to announce that, for some delightful reason, Sobey’s grocery store (at least in West Royalty) has a new section in their deli area devoted entirely to sushi.

They not only have prepared sushi of various types, but also wasabi, soy sauce, miso soup, and seaweed sheets. They even have disposable chopsticks.

So tonight, at that time when I would normally reach for the unhealthy potato chips or their fatty snackfood brethren, I was able to have a tasty and healthful sushi snack — sticky rice wrapped around shrimp and vegetables.

I’m hopeful that Sobey’s has what it takes to stick with this new idea (new, of course, only in the Sobey’s and Prince Edward Island sense). I have a gut feeling, however, that this might be one of those times like when Empire Theatres would mistakenly book some fantastic Italian film for a week, and then quickly whisk it off to the film vortex as soon as they realized the folly of their ways.

So if you’re driving by Sobey’s, please help support the cause and pop in and pick up and pack o’ sushi.


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Jevon Macdonald on September 19, 2001 - 17:49 Permalink

I had heard about this and was prompt to disregard it as someone relaying second or third hand information.. I did this on the grounds that “I cannot make sense of it.”

Thanks for clearing that up. Now,. I am off to Sobeys.

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Jevon MacDonald on September 20, 2001 - 00:18 Permalink

It’s no Formosa Teahouse. Given; I don’t know a thing about Sushi. Conclusion: In general, I don’t like Sushi. I do, however, enjoy the Vege-Sushi at the Formosa Tea House.