Supreme Court of PEI Courses Sell Out in Four Hours

A few weeks ago the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island announced that it would be holding courses for the public on court-related matters. Registration was to be limited to 50 people, and would begin today. I noted the date in my calendar and made a point to call early to ensure I’d get a seat, all the while having a sneaking suspicion that there would be little interest and the courses might cancelled.

I was wrong.

I was late calling today — the wind and the rain and a nasty cold got the better of me — and I didn’t get around to making the call until noon.

Too late, as it turns out: the courses are fully subscribed, and there’s a waiting list — also almost at its 50-person limit — for a repeat round in January.

While I’m frustrated that I won’t be able to attend in November, it’s extremely heartening to see Islanders taking such an interest in the courts; kudos to Chief Justice David Jenkins and his colleagues for having the imagination to set this up and the belief that there would be interest.

You can call Sheila Gallant at 368-6024 if you want your name on the waiting list for the new year.