Supernova, Adzukiiro, Kitano Ijinkan Red, Yellow Sunset

During our visit to Malmö in August I received the generous gift of some fountain pen ink sample bottles from my friend Nene. To that point, I must admit, my knowledge of fountain pen inks was limited to a general notion that there was blue ink and there was black ink, with the occasional red ink thrown in for effect. The notion that there was Morning Star ink–one of Nene’s gifts–and innumerable other inks covering the entire spectrum, was an unexpected delight to discover.

And so I dove in, following the URL on Nene’s sample bottle to and acquiring four samples–Supernova, Adzukiiro, Kitano Ijinkan Red, Yellow Sunset, all pictured below (the similarity of fountain pen ink names to cannabis variety names is duly noted).

Photo of sample bottles of four colourful fountain pen inks.

I’m so looking forward to trying all of these out.