Sunday Night TV

William Denton had his letter read on a BBC show:

Thank you. All best wishes from Toronto,” says Bill, but I was really taken by Bill’s little CV at the end of his email: “Librarian, artist and licensed private investigator.” Bill, you’ve got to tell us more about your working week, ‘cause that is a Sunday night ITV series waiting to happen, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks Bill.

I read recently that Alec Baldwin’s reboot of Match Game has been cancelled, to which my reaction was “they rebooted Match Game?!”

Surely the impulse to yank up kitsch TV from the 1970s is a cultural inflection point, a sign that we have run out of ways to distract ourselves. The train has reached the last station.

Which is to say: a series about a Toronto librarian, artist and licensed private investigator sounds pretty good right about now. I’ve half a mind to call up William and negotiate for the rights to his email signature.