Summer at the Farmers’ Market

The Charlottetown Farmers’ Market was open on Wednesday for the first time this season today, and it will be open every Wednesday into the fall.

If you’ve only ever experienced the market in its claustrophobia-inducing Saturday edition, try coming out on a Wednesday: it’s busy, but it’s a nice, gentle, easy busy.

I’ve resolved to try to eat lunch there every Wednesday this summer. Perhaps you’d like to join me?

I ended up there today for almost the entire afternoon, and by the time I was ready to leave, the market vendors were packing up their stalls. I wasn’t content to depart, however, without taking the chance to sketch the market in its relatively lonley state, and so I set myself up on a windy picnic table outside for a few minutes and made this, which I think does it some justice (except for the curvy stairs: drawing curves still frazzles out my brain).

Charlottetown Farmer's Market