Suggestion for Island Tel

Here’s a free suggestion for Island Tel: the computer I’m using to type this in the Charlottetown Airport in the Business Centre that you sponsor is an ancient, slow, IBM Aptiva. It makes your high speed Internet service — which is presumably what you’re trying to show off here —- seem very sluggish and unappealing. An investment of less that $2,000 could get you a brand new sexy computer that would make the Internet fly, and make people used to dial-up connections go “ooh, ahh” and much more likely to upgrade at home. Just a thought.


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Oliver on July 14, 2002 - 05:44 Permalink

Now, now, Peter, don’t be so hasty. There may be some subtle marketing psychology going on here. For example, we all know the market leader doesn’t have to try hard. So if it seems to me a company isn’t trying hard, I’m liable to conclude that that’s the company I’ll inevitably be buying from. So maybe what’s going on here is pure marketing savvy. Just because you know when an Internet connection is slow doesn’t mean you know everything.