Suggest a Job

A good way of keeping a watch over a company’s future plans is to watch its jobs website. Here’s Nokia’s, for example, and here’s Apple’s. A few minutes spent searching through the positions advertised can give you a good overview of current and future directions.

A striking absence on company job websites, I think, is a “Suggest a Job” feature. It’s all very well and good to get see the company’s priorities packaged up into job titles, but what about my priorities?

You may be looking for a “Software Test Engineer, Level IV,” but maybe I think you need a “Director of Cross-Pollination” or a “Manager, Making the Software Suck Less.”

Presumably someone who knows a company well enough to not only visit its jobs website, but to be able to suggest a position that best suits both the company and their personal passions and skillset, would be a good employee. Or at least one worth taking a look at.

(Reinvented doesn’t have a jobs website, or even much of a regular old everyday website, but if you’d like to suggest a job, please do).