Sugar Maple at Five Years Old

Five years ago today the City of Charlottetown planted a Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) in front of our house at 100 Prince Street (link), replacing the Dutch Elm tree that was there previously that was cut down due disease:

Today, at five years old, the tree is growing nicely, and I look forward to the next five years, as it starts to get large enough to shade the front of our house:

The tree at 5 years old.

A reminder that you can find out a lot about the tress of Charlottetown on streets and in parks in from the city’s tree inventory map.

Pro tip: if you take the “Site ID” for any tree in Charlottetown – mine is 9301, for example – you can make a link directly to the tree, like this:

Thank you to the super-helpful support line at Davey for helping me sort that out!